Monday, April 30, 2007

May issue of Rogue Cinema is online!

The new issue of Rogue Cinema is now online and includes a good chunk of stuff to browse through.
This issue contains THREE new interviews, FOUR new articles, and SIXTEEN new movie reviews. Sadly, none of this stuff is mine. But that's what happens when you become completely burnt out from writing. :-(

But wait, there's more! Also included in this issue is the first batch of indie films to win the ROGUE CINEMA EXCELLENCE AWARD and the premiere of our monthly SLEEPOVER GIRL OF THE MONTH! (Our first, and hopefully not last RC Sleepover girl is Zoe Hunter, the red-headed cutie pictured below!)

Next month is a month of big anniversary's for the Rogues and yours truly. As of June 1st, Rogue Cinema will be on its THIRD YEAR! Also, this June marks the 5th year since the Rogue Reviewers first came together and started reviewing b-movies! And finally, June 6th marks the B-Movie Film Vault's SEVENTH year online! Enjoy this issue folks, and stay tuned for the big 3rd anniversary issue of Rogue Cinema on June 1st!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gone for the day.

I'm about to leave to help my dad do a bit of logging (to explain: our neighbor owns a ton of land and allows us to go up on his mountain and cut down a few trees every now and again so that we can cut the wood, split it, and use it for firewood during the, thus far, harsh winters up here. Plus we sell any extra wood we have for a bit of extra cash.) and after that I'm going to Scranton for the rest of the night. If all goes well, I will be seeing "Hot Fuzz" tonight and from what I hear, it is friggin' awesome!

I'll be back tomorrow afternoon and will be typing up a little something for Rogue Cinema. (I'll either be finishing up a half-done kaiju article and/0r my usual Genre Watch stuff. Plus, I may even do a review or two. It all depends on how I feel tomorrow.)

Well take care everyone! Blog ya later!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Henry Winkler clone arrested in Boise, Idaho!

While most would have written this off as a goofy mugshot of a one David Miranda (who saw fit to drive with a revoked or suspended license), I see the true implications. The government, or possibly even a secret scientific research project independently funded by eccentric billionaires, has done the unthinkable: They have cloned Fonzi! How many other "has been" celebs have been cloned? I cannot say, but they are all around us. Heck, the proof has been staring us in the face for decades and yet we were so blind! They cloned Jack Nicholson, but totally botched their experiment. Jack is just simply one of a kind, and is so cool that science cannot even duplicate his coolness, even with cloning. The horrifying result of this experiment was of course, Christian Slater! (AAAAAAAAHHHH!) Years later, a second cloning project occured before our very eyes, and yet we did not see it! I speak of course about Tom Cruise's constantly smiling clone, Val Kilmer! This insanity must end and someone has to put an end to it, before our world is overrun by these monstrous clones! And furthermore.... uh... hmmm.... you know, now that I've had a good look at this photo... I've come to an even more shocking conclusion. This is no clone of Henry Winkler, but is in fact Henry Winkler himself, in a fright wig! HA! Your fake wig and fake bad license have betrayed you Mr. Winkler! Now your secret is out and a legion of papparazi are on their way to take embarrassing photos of you!

Of course I could be wrong on both counts. This guy could very well be Henry Winkler's twin brother that was seperated at birth. Either that or it's his bastard son that was the result of a scandalous affair! Or maybe the truth is a combination of all four of these conspiracy theories! It boggles my mind!

Well I'm off to do some stuff before bed, but feel free to post your thoughts on this b-movie fans. Together, we may be able to crack this case wide open! Hahahaha! ;-)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A good quote!

I saw this quote in the bottom of someone's e-mail and I liked it so much that I'm going to share it YOU (then it's back to doing laundry):

"A pessimist complains about the wind; an optimist hopes it will change; a realist ajusts the sail."

However, it doesn't beat "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." That has to be one of my all-time favorite quotes.

I still think my favorite movie quote is: "What a wonderful world it would be if alcohol flowed in our veins."

Well I'm gonna get back to my laundry and watch a flick, but feel free to share some of your favorite historical and cinematic quotes in the meantime! Blog ya later!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Amazon is still pissing me off... oh and this is my 100th blog post! Cool!

I finally updated my Amazon a-Store (a.k.a. The B-Movie Film Vault DVD Shop) and what a chore that was. I guess Amazon is redoing parts of their massive site, including their page that earlier today did show the latest DVD releases for the past few weeks. For some reason, the handy lists of upcoming and hot new releases are now gone so I had to go elsewhere for what I needed. Undaunted, I ended up going to DVD Verdict and painstakingly updated my dvd shop over the course of two hours.

With that done, I will now go to bed and end my 100th Blog Post! G'night b-movie fans... err... actually good morning! :-P

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Random Thought: Big dudes in tiny cars. What is up with that?!

Tonight at work, a customer that is about six or seven inches taller than me and a lot wider around the waist than I am, drove off in a very small luxury car. This sight jogged something in my brain and I began wondering. Why do big guys always drive small cars? And also, why do smaller dudes drive hilariously enormous vehicles? (Oh yeah, because they're small and insecure, that's why. Well that's one mystery solved!) While this doesn't apply to everyone that owns a vehicle, I'm baffled as to why this guy wasn't driving something that he could easily fit into. My only theory is that he, and like-minded "big dudes" prefer driving in smaller cars in order to make them look even bigger. Anyone else have any theories that they'd like to suggest? I'm all ears....

Well that's my random thought for the day, I'm going to go and watch a flick or play a video game.... or both. Blog ya later!

Argh! Amazon make me angry! Hulk Smash!

I finally decide to sit down and update my Amazon a-Store (which just scored me two sales and about 20 cents in commission.... ok I'm exaggerating a bit, but it's not far off the mark from what Amazon gives us "associates." I agree with my main man Duane that we should at least get 10% of the profit for each sale, rather than 4 - 5 %. I think Amazon can afford it.), and the damn site isn't working! I let the store go for over two weeks and now everything's out of date and there's not a single thing I can do about it until later tonight after work. Grrrr.....

If anyone from Amazon reads this (highly doubtful, but there's always a chance), GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR, AND GET THE BUGS FIXED ASAP! AND GIVE ME A FREE DVD OR FIVE FOR MY PAIN AND SUFFERING! ;-)

Monday, April 23, 2007

The rumors of my departure were greatly exaggerated....

So, no one answered my good-bye e-mail until late tonight. The result of that e-mail was a conversation with my bud Duane, who basically talked me out of (stupidly) giving up on writing and leaving the Rogue Reviewers. So I'm taking a long break from writing for the magazine (well... after I type up a few things this week and a little something for next month) in hopes that my attempt at running away was just pure unbridled frustration venting itself. So uh... just pretend that none of this happened ok? In fact, this blog post and the two before are just figments of your imagination! ;-)

I have done the unthinkable....

After my friends departed from my house tonight (we had pizza, some chips, some ice cream and snacks, watched "Mystery Men" and played "Medal of Honor: Rising Sun" for hours on end) I sat down at this here computer and wrote out a letter of resignation from the Rogue Reviewers / Rogue Cinema writing staff. I started the Rogues back in 2002 and I'm proud of how far the group has come over the past five years, but I feel that it is time for me to throw in the towel. I'm curious to see how my fellow reviewers react to my letter, and hope that they'll all understand where I'm coming from.... I'll post more about this situation as it develops.

Good night b-movie fans.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Beginning of the End?!

No I'm not talking about the giant grasshopper flick directed by Bert I. Gordon, I'm talking about my writing for Rogue Cinema, and quite possibly, my partnership with my good friends, the Rogue Reviewers. Over the last few months, I've been doing a lot of thinking, about what makes me happy and what doesn't. Lately, I've decided that writing for Rogue Cinema no longer makes me happy. When I started out with my crappy little Geocities site, I was extremely happy with what I was doing. I wrote constantly (even though I wasn't all that great at it, or at web design... and really I'm still not ;-), it was all fresh and new, and I bragged about it to everyone. Now, I keep a constant vigil on my calendar and dread the end of every month because of the Rogue Cinema deadline, I hardly talk about the magazine anymore, and I just never really have the urge to write much of anything. The joy of writing seems to have almost completely vanished..... :-(

Maybe I just need a nice, long break or perhaps my love of writing about movies is gone and I'm just in denial.... I really don't know. What I do know is that I'm thinking of packing up and calling it quits for a while (maybe even permanently) so that I can focus more on enjoying my spare time. This is definitely something I'll have to think more about, but I feel that (temporarily?) retiring is probably the best thing to do right now.

Well I'm going to go and finish cleaning up around the basement and then I think I'll go and get a little exercise and fresh air, it's a beautiful day outside. Lator gators.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A tiny bit of progress has been made.....

I've begun work on my interview with Sharyn Chen. I typed up an introductory paragraph and managed to type up two questions to ask her... and that's it. I would've probably gotten farther had I not gotten interrupted earlier this morning by a phone call from my buddy Duane Martin (editor of Rogue Cinema and webmaster of B-Movie Central). He's trying his damnest to make me come to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in October for the It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival. His current plan is to hook me up with event creator/coordinator Wayne ... Newton? Nope, that's not it... dang it I can't remember Wayne's last name... in any case, if things work out, I'll be in charge of promoting the festival here on the East coast. Mainly I'd be sending out press releases via mass e-mails, doing forum posts, maybe making a few phone calls, and just blabbing about the festival to everyone and anyone. If I do a good enough job, I may be able to get a free trip to the festival which would be really cool. I'd like to give it a try, but I'm not sure I have the time (or the patience, or the discipline) to really take on this task. On the other hand, I can finally meet Duane and several fellow Rogues in person and watch some crazy flicks and meet some of the folks I've read (and written) about. This is all up in the air right now, but I'll keep all interested (and uninterested) parties up to date on this film fest situation.

In any case, I've gotten a teeny bit o' writing done, and I plan on finishing up those questions and e-mailing them to Sharyn after work tomorrow night. Then I still have to tackle that interview with Richard Knight, and my two articles, and about four or five reviews..... sigh

Well it's high time I climb into the sack for some shuteye, so good night cult movie fans! Keep on rockin' the "B" World! :-D

Two Quick Rants on Vanishing Cash and Gun-toting students.

I'm scurrying to get ready for work, but I needed to take a break to get a few things off my chest. First off, Money: We all need it, we all like it, but it just never wants to stay in our pockets or bank accounts. This is why I hate money, because it never seems like I have enough, which is very frustrating because I have so many loans, debts, and bills to pay on every month. This month I lucked out as I got my tax return, but sadly, I did not get to fully enjoy it or put it towards new tires for my truck. Instead, half of it went to my parents (part of it was a past debt that I've been meaning to pay off, the rest went to the property taxes which are not nearly as outrageous as the school taxes around here!), another small percentage went to Tara, and the rest went to groceries, gasoline, nearly two dozen (used and cheaply priced) DVDs, and lastly, my loans and bills. I delivered a pained laugh an hour ago as my bank account had over $1,100 dollars in it, the most I've ever had since I first started my checking account years ago. By the time this week ends, I'll have maybe forty or fifty bucks left. After I budgeted my money, wrote out checks, and put them out in the mailbox, I just had to laugh... to keep from crying.... DAMN YOU MONEY! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

My second little tirade focuses on the tragic slaying of 32 (or was it 33? Depends on the news station I suppose.) college students at the hand of a "mentally unbalanced maniac." Ok, this Cho kid did something terrible and I'm not condoning his actions at all. But, I'm not placing all the blame on this now deceased college psycho. I'm blaming society! Yeah, that's right! You, me, everyone! It's our fault stuff like this happens and I will tell you why. It's because that people are so damned cruel, to one another that the occasional high school or college kid suddenly snaps and goes on a shooting spree. Cho was an outcast and that's something I know a lot about. From grade school, up until my Sophomore year in high school, I was pretty much a social outcast, if only because I was a chubby, dorky-looking kid. I was picked on constantly, made fun of, bullied, and beaten up. I was driven off of a Little League team and a Soccer team because I couldn't take the abuse any longer. However, I was eventually befriended by a group of well... jocks. They took me in, made me the chubby mascot of their group, taught me how to play sports, and saved me from becoming a violent killer with nothing to live for. Had it not been for them, I probably wouldn't be here today, or I would be a completely different person altogether. I thank the good Lord every day that I was befriended by Bryan Scopeletti, Bruce Cavalotti, John Karam, and Danny Horn.

Anyway, what I'm saying is this: If a kid is a misfit, or outcast, try and befriend him/her, or at the least, treat them nicely. Kids are pretty damned cruel and don't realize what kind of damage they can do by trouncing on someone's self esteem on a frequent basis, so hey, let's all get along and not be mean to each other. (HA! Like that'll ever happen.) Oh, and if someone is acting really weird, or shows violent patterns of behavior, or (in Cho's case) writes insanely violent, gory, nightmarish stories or screenplays, then tell someone about it! There are always warning signs before the shit hits the fan and if they are ignored, then the consequences can be dire to say the least.

I've said my piece on these subjects (to recap: Money is a necessary evil. We all love it and simultaneously hate it. Be nice to weirdo kids and people, that may save your life when they finally snap and go on a rampage.)

Well it's time to get my arse to work! Blog ya later.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Laundry night = no writing.

I'm about to get some laundry done (at 1:40 AM? Yeah.) and watch a little TV, so there will be no writing going on, except of course if you count this blog post or the posts I made in the B-Movie Film Vault Forums mere moments ago. The dryer is about to give its signature buzz, so I'm gonna head off the net for the night... err... uh... morning. Tomorrow is a "Bill Day" so balancing my checkbook, paying bills, and budgeting my paycheck will take up most of my time before work. Hopefully when I get home from work, I'll have a little energy to get some writing done, but I don't have high hopes. G'night b-movie fans!

Rumors of my disappearance have been greatly exagerrated.

Ok, well maybe there haven't been any rumors of me disappearing, but coming up with interesting headers for these blogposts is a pain. ;-) Since I've been hiding offline for quite a few days, I thought I'd just make a post to let everyone know I'm doing well. Last week I had a damned good stretch of days where many things have gone my way (or better) and it seems like this streak is still continuing (but I'm waiting for that to change because all good things must come to an end as they say. And who exactly are "they" anyway?). In any case, I haven't done jack with my RC stuff or the Vault (which I'm sure you've noticed) but have instead bought a TON of DVDs with my tax return, leading to long hours in front of the TV instead of the computer. (To see what's new visit my B-Movie Collection Page!) Sadly, the rest of my money is going towards bills, and vehicle maintenance, but I'm making sure that I put some cash aside so I can see "Hot Fuzz" this weekend!

This week, I hope to finally jump into my Rogue Cinema assignments. At the very least, I'd like to get some interview questions typed up and sent to Sharyn Chen and Richard Knight. With that out of the way, I'll have a bit more breathing room, plus it'll help get my brain in gear for some actual writing. I'm hoping to get back to writing on a frequent basis before summer starts, but its just so damned hard for me to get back in gear. I'm usually pretty tired when I get home from work, and I usually don't have much time to write before I go to work. And writing on my days off is becoming a "Mission Impossible" scenario because those two days are the only time during the week where I can have a social life. And truthfully, I'd rather go catch a flick with my friends, or spend some time with my girlfriend, than sit in front of the computer and type for hours at a time.

But don't get me wrong, I love to write, and frequently have urges to do some writing. The problem is this: I lack discipline. If I can manage to do a little writing on a daily basis and make it a habit, then I think I could be as prolific a writer as a one Andrew Borntreger, a U.S. marine that finds the time to post a new review every single week at his website, Badmovies.Org, despite military duties and being a fulltime husband and father of two. It was Andrew that inspired me to become an online reviewer, and it's Andrew that continues to inspire me to write. (He is like the patron saint of b-movie fans and reviewers. Perhaps he can bestow a blessing upon me in order to get my butt in gear... hmmm....)

Well, it's about time for me to shower up and get my arse to work, so I shall be going now. Keep fighting the good fight for b-movie lovers the world over b-movie fans!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Friday the 13th.... and some other stuff.

Well yesterday was a momentous day.... for reasons I can't really get into unfortunately, though I am tempted to brag a bit (Let's just say that my recent DVD binge didn't hurt my checkbook as badly as I thought it would.), and this week has been wonderful. (About damned time I caught a break Fate, Karma, and God! So... thanks! :-)

In any case, happy Friday the 13th! Get out your hockey masks, pull out all of your good luck charms, and have a little fun. After work tonight, I plan on popping in a Friday the 13th flick as its the only way I know how to enjoy this allegedly unlucky day. I may just go with the original, or I may pop in III, IV, VI, or VII as they are my favorites of the series. I guess it'll all depend on how I feel after I get out of work.

This weekend I'll be spending my days off at home so I plan on getting some things accomplished that I keep pushing off, either because I'm being lazy, or because I'm genuinely tired. My main task will be to ship out interview questions to Sharyn Chen (director of "Collision") and Richard Knight (creature suit maker for "Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood Cove" and other monster flicks). After that I'm going to tackle "The Valley of Gwangi" for the Vault and then I'll be running a race to complete the remainder of my Rogue Cinema material. And after all that's done, I need to get back to uploading my old reviews at the Vault.

And speaking of the Vault, the traffic has greatly increased and I've even got a new forum member now (named Muldune) who is a very prolific writer. Head over to my Forums now and check out Muldune's reviews for "Zombie Night" and "Troll 2." (Yup, this guy enjoys watching horrible movies! Right on!)
I guess that's it, so I'll be heading off for the night. I'll blog ya'll later b-movie fans!

P.S. - GRINDHOUSE RULES! Go see it before it leaves theaters!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back on the home front with lots to tell you!

Yes, I have returned to my fortress of solitude and I'm preparing some questions for indie film maker Sharyn Chen. But before I actually go and start using my brain, here's the rundown of my last three days:

Sunday was a pretty nice day (though I disappointed my mother by not going with her to church. Sorry mum, but the fact that you drug me to listen to preachings and prayers every Sunday for most of my young life has sort of killed my urge to go to mass.) and dinner at Tara's was great! There was tons of food and dessert, and we all had a good time. I capped off the night with a viewing of Borat with my future father-in-law (Bob Speranzo, one of the most politically incorrect and hilarious guys I know). I also got to spend some quality time with Tara, though she nearly cooked me to death in her room because the heat was cranked up! Because of that, I snuck downstairs to the VERY cool living room and watched an great flick called "Hara-Kiri." (From 1962.) While watching the film, I nursed a bottle of Bacardi Silver (Strawberry flavored) that I found in the basement fridge. By the time the film ended, I was wiped out and ventured back into the unforgiving desert known as Tara's Bedroom.

Monday was another decent day. I ended up seeing the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (great CGI, some good one-liners and jokes, but damn it, the villains were disapointing), ate some leftovers, then watched "Borat" again along with the deleted scenes and other extras. Bob thought the naked-fight scene was so funny that he called everyone into the living room to see it and even got his neighbor down the street to come up and watch! LOL! After that I ended up playing some video games with Tara's nephew, Michael, before succumbing to fatigue. What followed was one of the heaviest good night sleeps I've had in a while.

Tuesday was friggin' awesome.... though the day started out with a visit to an old friend's house and not under the best of circumstances. The mother of Amy Dickerson, a fellow graduate of ye olde Scranton High School, had finally succumbed to cancer. My mother called and told me, so the first duty of the day (after a cold shower and a hot breakfast of French Toast!) was to swing over to Amy's house and give my condolences. Sadly, Amy was not at home, so I spoke with her father for a bit before hitting the road. After cruising around my neighborhood for a few minutes and reminiscing, I decided to hunt down "Godzilla Raids Again" and "Mothra vs. Godzilla" on DVD, and that's where the fun really began....

Best Buy didn't have them, so I ended up buying "Tommy Boy - Holy Shnikes Edition" for 5 bucks (thank goodness for my five dollar gift certificate!). Then I hit Borders because they would more than likely have both films, even though they'd be pricy. I only found "Mothra vs. Godzilla," but before I left with that, I managed to find the Vincent Price / William Castle classic, "The Tingler" for a mere $7.99! With three DVDs in my possession, the hunt continued for the elusive "Godzilla Raids Again." I went to Circuit City next but didn't find the film there, so I headed up to "Wal-Mart" to try my luck there.

I didn't find "GRA" but did find, and purchase, "The Revenge of the Nerds: Atomic Wedgie Collection" for a mere $19.92 (plus tax). After getting that I decided that F.Y.E. (within the Viewmont Mall) would be a good place to check and this friends, is where I hit gold! Not only did I find "Godzilla Raids Again," but I also snagged Anchor Bay's newest releases of "Phantasm" and "Phantasm III." Wih my DVD-lust sated I headed home, ate some pasta, then went to work for a smooth and rather quick evening. It was a great day (though I shouldn't have purchased those DVDs) and I look forward to tomorrow because I'm going to see GRINDHOUSE! WOOHOO!

That's it for now so G'night everyone!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Well Happy Easter everyone! I'm getting ready to leave for Scranton for a day (or two) so I'll see ya'll when I get back. Hope you have a nice day and get to spend time with the ones you love on this (now fully commercialized) holiday. ;-)

Oh and no I didn't get any extra work done on my "Gwangi" review, and now I have TWO interviews to do this month for RC.... sigh.... I need a miracle. Hahahaha! Enjoy your day off fellow cult movie fans!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Warning: Chugging Monster energy drinks can be harmful to your health.

Tonight at work I challenged Joshua, one of my "stockboys" (or "stockguys" as they usually prefer to be called) to a drinking challenge. This time Monster was the beverage of choice and we each got one of the XXL cans. Now to shed a little light on this, on Tuesday, I chose Enviga, a rather wretched carbonated drink that allegedly burns fat and "tastes great." As far as I know, it doesn't live up to either claim. Josh thought it tasted so bad that he gave up and I won out. Tonight though..... I lost, big time.

I came out of the gate, chugging like an alcholic and polished off half of the energy drink when I suddenly felt a sharp pressure in my abdomen. Ignoring it, I started chugging more of the highly carbonated drink. Josh in the meantime was taking his time and watching me intently, because apparently he knew that something like this might happen. To make a long situation short, the carbonation built up into a painful gas bubble inside my guts. I felt like someone was stabbing the hell out of me with a machete, right through my midsection.

I gave up trying to drink and attempted to work the gas out and maybe deliver a world class burp or fart. Instead, I ended up kneeling over a garbage can for two minutes before puking up my dinner and the deadly Monster Energy drink I had consumed. Needless to say I felt a hell of a lot better after exorcising that devil drink from my body. So with this little life lesson, I've learned that chugging Monster can lead to some pretty painful consequences. So kids, don't be like me! Learn from my mistakes! Make something of yourselves! And don't chug Monster too fast or you'll explode!

Oh and just to add insult to injury, I had one more gulp left in the can before I vomited.... so close, yet so far. ;-)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

More things of interest .....

1. Director Bob Clark and his 22-year old son Ariel died in a car accident that involved a drunk driver. (Who by the way, didn't have license and escaped with minor injuries. As did his equally drunk passenger... there's just no justice in this world, is there?) Bob is well known for his diversity of films including "Deathdream," "A Christmas Story," "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things," "Porky's," "Black Christmas," and "Rhinestone." Rest in peace Bob and Ariel. :-(
[Read the full story HERE.]

2. Duane of B-Movie Central has once again started up a b-movie forum on his fantastic website! Please sign up and give it some lovin'! But before you do that, you best sign up and start posting in my Forum or else.... I'll cry. :-(

3. I'm about to sit down and watch "The Valley of Gwangi" to refresh my crappy memory. I did a little more work on it earlier today, and I feel confident that it will be completed by the 6th or 7th.

That's all I've got for ya. Keep on rockin' the b-world!

Yikes.... I need a refresher!

I'm about to get some shuteye but I felt that I had to give ya'll a little bit of info concerning my work on my review for "The Valley of Gwangi." I did make some headway, but not much seeing as how I forget a good chunk of the characters! Plus, some of my notes were a bit hard to read, so I'm going to sit down tomorrow after work and watch the movie to refresh my muddled memory (which isn't a bad thing at all because I love "Gwangi!") and check over a few of my notes. So as of right now, the review is... about 15 - 20% complete. After I watch it tomorrow, I figure I'll have the review completed and uploaded either Friday or Saturday. Also, my DVD shop will not be updated until I wake up, so don't go thinking that I've forgotten about it. ;-) I guess that about does it, so I'll be going now.

G'night everyone, I'll blog ya later! :-D

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Two major things of interest....

1. Congrats to "Shadow," the webmaster of Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard for winning the Legion of Muck Award! Great job man, you've earned it! Now I just gotta get my butt back in gear so that I can win it before the year is over! ;-)

2. I completed my review for "The Beast of Hollow Mountain" and I plan on working on "The Valley of Gwangi" later tonight (as it is now April 3rd) in order to finally complete my DINO-WESTERN DOUBLE FEATURE. While I am going to wait until "Gwangi" is reviewed to unveil my latest review, anyone currently reading this blog post (or venturing in my Forums) will get a sneak peek at the review. JUST CLICK HERE TO READ MY REVIEW FOR "THE BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN" (1956)!

Enjoy the review, and expect to read my "Valley of Gwangi" review before the week is up. Gotta.... keep.... writing...

G'night! :-D

Monday, April 2, 2007

March stats at the Vault.

Wowsers! Things have really picked up at the Vault and March was a stellar month. If you've been following the stats I've been posting here at the start of every month, you've probably noticed a steady increase in my traffic to the site. Well this month has blown me away as I've gotten 700 more visitors than in February. Here's hoping that April will be a kick ass month as well!

Well, without further ado, here's the stats for The B-Movie Film Vault's March 2007 run:

Total Unique Visitors: 2,467!
Total Visits: 3,694!
Total Hits: 48,751!
Best Day: March 5, 2007 with 162 visits and 2,178 hits!

The Vault has had visitors from well over 60 countries this month.
Here are the top five:
1. The United States (I doubt if anyone will every dethrone the U.S.)
2. The European Union
3. China
4. The Russian Federation
5. Australia

The Top Five Reviews of March were:
1. The Monster Squad (1987)
2. Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood Cove (2005)
3. Arena (1989)
4. Infra-Man (1975)
5. The Dungeonmaster (1985)

The Top Five Search Phrases that were used to find the site are:
1. infra-man s greatest weapon
2. arena 1989
3. b-movies torrents
4. the monster squad
5. selena silver

The Top Five Search Keywords were:
1. movie
2. the
3. b
4. monster
5. of

That's a pretty darned good month and April is off to a great start so far! Its hard for me fathom that more than a hundred people visit my site every day. I best get some work done on it then, so that I can eventually jack that number up to two or even three hundred a day!

Thanks for visiting the Vault folks! Keep coming back, new stuff is on the way!!!

China has officially conquered the world.... of internet cafes!

My buddy Steve Oldford (busiest man on Earth and fellow lover of Asian Cinema AND Godzilla movies) sent me a link to a friend's blog and this guy has four pictures of China's newest (and biggest) internet cafe. Apparently the game of choice is World of Warcraft (which has recently replaced religion as the "opium of the masses") and well... check this photo and and tell me that YOU wouldn't want to visit this place:

I've got yellow fever to the extreme and this would be heaven on Earth for yours truly. CLICK HERE to see the rest of the pictures and get a good laugh at all the nerdy WOW players that are ignoring the scantily clad and utterly gorgeous gals that are sitting with them! We need more places like this here in the United States!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

"Collision" review makes the grade!

Thankfully my review of Sharyn Chen's "Collision" was up to par. Here's what Sharyn had to say:

"Hi Jordan,
wow. what an in-depth analysis! Glad you picked up on some of the subtleties, like "1:01, 2:02, etc". im still waiting for someone to notice the palindromes...hmm....anyway, thanks so much for taking the time and effort to write such a thorough review. also, thank you so much for putting my trailer on your website. I look forward to answering your interview questions!

For those of you scratching your heads, palindromes are words or sequences that are the same backwards as they are forwards like "level," "boob," "poop," "nun," or "dad." I plan on revisiting "Collision" before interviewing Sharyn, so maybe I can pick up on these mysterious palindromes before then in order to make myself look smarter. ;-D For more info on the film or to buy it, visit!

New issue of Rogue Cinema is online!

I'm really tired (as I had a hellacious night at work and finished one of my articles mere seconds before the new issue of RC went public) so here are my contributions to the latest issue of Rogue Cinema:

Rogue Cinema Genre Watch - April 2007

Missing Mondo Movie Night

Review: Collision (2007)

And just to further entice you to visit RC: This month's issue boasts 1 new interview, 10 new featured articles, and 19 new movie reviews for you to browse through! Go check it all out now!