Thursday, November 22, 2012

Halloween contest winners + Hudson Horror Show 666!

Greetings b-movie fans! The holiday season has suddenly arrived and is keeping me extremely busy at work and at home. Because of this, I haven't had much time to do anything with The Vault (or any of my other blogs or sites for that matter), but fear not for I have not abandoned my dark little corner of the web!

The first thing I want to do before I start talking up a certain film festival that's happening NEXT WEEKEND, is give a hearty congrats to the winners of the Vault's two Halloween giveaways. Last month, I asked readers and Facebook fans to send me photos of their jack-o-lanterns and latest Halloween costumes. Several entries were turned in, but two gents won the day, and walked away with some kick ass prizes. (Which included a "Halloween II / Halloween III: Season of the Witch" double feature DVD and a 2-disc "Zombi 2" Shriek Show DVD w/mini poster.) Here are the photos that the winners sent in; great stuff guys! Congrats on winning; I hope you enjoyed your prizes!

James Tompson as Jason Voorhees!

Amazing pumpkin carving awesomeness, courtesy of Brandon Fields!

With that taken care of, it is time to talk about my all-time favorite cult film festival, namely the HUDSON HORROR SHOW! This sixth incarnation of the increasingly popular film fest boasts one of the best lineups I have ever seen! 

Yes, you are reading that correctly folks; there are indeed SIX awesome flicks included in the show! I've seen all but two of them ("Switchblade Sisters," and "Black Christmas"), and as an added bonus, I haven't seen any of them on the big screen before. In an era where all theaters are being forced to go digital, it will be a real treat to catch all six films in glorious 35MM! As the poster above says, the show is located at the Silver Cinemas in Poughkeepsie, NY! The fest begins at 1 PM and seats WILL SELL OUT, so if you plan on going, shoot over to now and pre-order yourself a ticket! Even if you don't, you should get there early to snap up any remaining tickets and two snag one of their limited edition t-shirts!

Also, I have to note that I will not only be attending the event, but I'll also be giving away some cool swag (DVDs, posters, and more!) in between films, so be sure to brush up on your Horror/cult film trivia AND work on delivering your best Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger impression! Also be sure to bring a pillow to sit on (the seats can be unforgivably uncomfortable) and extra cash, because there will be vendors selling books, comics, action figures, posters, artwork, and DVDs at the theater entrance!

Finally..... I want to wish you all a fantastic Thanksgiving Day! Hopefully you have the day off from work so you can chow down and spend some quality time with your families. Remember to chew your food before swallowing, unbutton your pants and/or loosen your belt in order to fit more food into your belly, and if you decide to go out Black Friday shopping be sure to bring protection. I highly suggest riot gear, a tranquilizer gun and/or tazer, and a mug of hot coffee. The latter will give you the extra energy you need to race past other shoppers to discounted items, or it could serve as a weapon too!

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