Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tonight is the Final Countdown... doo doo doo DO, do-do-do-do-DO...

Ok, so you can't really type out the chorus to Europe's "The Final Countdown," but there's no harm in trying. Just an update before I go to work: I started my Genre Watch article this afternoon, so I've gotta bust my ass to get it done once I get home tonight. Bad thing is, I'm gonna be at work late in order to move stuff around because the floor guy is coming in to strip the wax from the floors and make the tile look nice, shiny, and new again. (It's a huge pain in the ass!) So I may not be home until midnight tonight, but once I walk through the door, I'm plopping down in front of the computer and typing up the remainder of the article and sending it in. I guess the Kaiju article will be in May's issue, along with a slew of movies that I still have to review (sorry Tempe).

Well, gotta run! Catch ya later b-movie fans!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Nothing like waiting until the last minute....

After I got home from work tonight I was fairly tired and decided to chill out in front of the TV instead of getting some writing done. (I had a big ole salad, some delcioius Zero Visablity ice cream, and watched an episode of MST3K.) My Kaiju article is taking a back seat as I will be spending all my free time tomorrow doing my Genre Watch article. April is not a very impressive month in the least, with only handful of theatrical and DVD releases that have really caught my eye. (I NEED to see these theatrical releases: Grindhouse, Pathfinder, Hot Fuzz, and The Condemned. I NEED these DVDs: Godzilla Raids Again, Mothra vs. Godzilla, Phantasm, and Phantasm III. Anything else is only secondary, mainly because I've gotta be very picky with what I spend my precious few dollars on anymore.) In any case, I'm hittin' the sack now. If I get my Genre Watch article done BEFORE work (highly unlikely) I'll push myself to finish the final two thirds of my kaiju article tomorrow night. Even if it doesn't get completed in time for the April issue, at least you'll all have something to look forward to in May. :-D G'night!

Enough writing, time for bed!

I'm about halfway through my kaiju article and I'm pretty tired. I got a bit sidetracked as I did some research on Garuda and somehow ended up skipping from the film, to the actual mythological creature, to its enemy the Naga, to a Star Wars character whose name was (or was vaguely close to) Naga. Anyway, I'll be finishing that up tomorrow, along with my Genre Watch article (I hope). But for now its time to get some sleep and recharge the batteries. G'night!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Collision" review officially done.

Yeah I didn't quite finish the review last night, but now it is all done and awaiting its premiere on Rogue Cinema on Sunday. The review is one of the longest I've ever written for RC (just under two pages long) and I really hope it does the movie justice. Tomorrow night (i.e. tonight) I'm going to tackle my kaiju article and (hopefully) start the my new Genre Watch article as well. My goal is to get those done, along with a review for "Deadlands: The Rising" (coming from Tempe DVD in mid-April), and turned in by Friday night. We'll see how things go; please wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Collision" review nearly done. Interview set up for next month with the director!

As I finish off the first draft of my "Collision" review, I'm happy to report that I've secured an interview with the film's director/producer/writer Sharyn Chen. She seems very eager and excited to do the interview and I'm personally looking forward to learning more about her and her wonderful short film. If all goes well, that interview will be in the May issue of Rogue Cinema!

Well I'm gonna get this review done and hit the hay! Later gators!

I'm a prophet soul, what are you?

Yeah yeah, I got caught up in one of those stupid blog things, so sue me. I found it while doing a little research about Sharyn Chen and her short film "Collision" which I'm currently reviewing. In any case, here's the result of a poll I took on her myspace page:

You Are a Prophet Soul

You are a gentle soul, with good intentions toward everyone.
Selfless and kind, you have great faith in people.
Sometimes this faith can lead to disappoinment in the long run.
No matter what, you deal with everything in a calm and balanced way.

You are a good interpreter, very sensitive, intuitive, caring, and gentle.
Concerned about the world, you are good at predicting people's feelings.
A seeker of wisdom, you are a life long learner looking for purpose and meaning.
You are a great thinker and communicator, but not necessarily a doer.

Souls you are most compatible with: Bright Star Soul and Dreaming Soul

At the risk of sounding full of myself, this little quiz is pretty much right on as I am a good intentioned person that puts too much faith in fellow human beings and I am damned good at reading people's emotions. However, I'm not the best communicator as my mind races faster than my mouth sometimes. And then there are those moments where I become tongue tied while speaking to someone.... I hate that! Anyway, there's something to keep you entertained while I do some writing. What Kind of Soul are you?! Take the test!

Sheesh... let it go already!

You know... I don't rant often enough in my blog. Mostly I just try and keep ya'll updated on what I'm up to or write a short review or two. But today, I read something in the newspaper that is just so utterly uneccessary and stupid, that I have to bring it up. Apparently the state of Maryland is going ahead with an apology for its hand in the slave trade so many decades ago. Ok, WHY?! It's done and over with. Most (if not all) people involved with that part of American history are dead, so leave the past be! It's just ridiculous, I mean really how does this sound to you: "I'm sorry that my distant ancestors enslaved your distant ancestors. No hard feelings right?" I don't even think we need to apologize because African Americans have taken the world by storm. They've conquered most major sports (including football and basketball.... and golf), and can and usually do accomplish more than most of us white folk. They've risen above the bad slave times a long time ago and it's definitely time for all of us to move on! So stop friggin' apologizing you political retards! Yeesh!

Stay tuned for more apologies in the future from various countries including Great Britain for building a colonial empire that spanned the globe, attempting to conquer France in the 100 Years War, and picking a fight with us during the American revolution.

The B-Movie Film Vault DVD Shop is back up to snuff.

Yikes, I can't believe I let the store go for three weeks! Guess it was all part of the rut I've been in (which I'm still battling by the way). To see what's new and coming soon on (cult) DVD visit the store by clicking HERE. One thing to definitely keep an eye out for is Classic Media's releases of "Godzilla Raids Again" and "Mothra vs. Godzilla" (FINALLY!) which hit store shelves on April 3rd. (The perfect Easter gifts for any Godzilla fan.... like me... hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge ;-)

Well I'm heading off to bed now so I can get a good night's sleep for work. Over the next four nights I'll be digging into my Rogue Cinema stuff. I watched my screener of "Collision" tonight, and I have to say that the movie was very well done, though it wasn't the most uplifting film I've ever watched. But had director Sharyn Chen gone with a happy ending for this movie, I don't think it would've had the same impact or realism. I plan on writing my review for that after work along with a new Kaiju One Hit Wonders article. Even if I get those completed, proofread, spell-checked and sent in to Duane (RC's editor and webmaster), I'll still have a lot of ground to cover before the month ends.

Stay tuned for more updates. Blog ya later!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Every hear the phrase, "Your eyes were bigger than your stomach?"

Well in my case its "my aspirations were bigger than my capabilities." With mere days left to complete my Rogue Cinema stuff, I regret that I may be cutting a thing or two out of my plans. The kaiju article is a possible no show in the next issue and I may have to put off another screener or two so that I don't have to rush through them and deliver sub-par reviews. Well you're probably thinking: "Hey I thought you were back to work, typing like a madman Jordan." Well I was for a day or two, but then the urge to write was replaced with the urge to sit and watch lots of MST3K and play ye olde "Age of Empires 2." On top of that, I've just been really tired lately, probably to the point where I should be worried about it. I could chalk it up to the late hours I keep (due to my work schedule) but I'm not really sure at all. Perhaps I'll try getting to bed early a few nights and eat some decent (i.e. healthy) food for a change to see if that creates any improvement. In any case, I'll be burning the midnight oil all this week in order to get my Genre Watch article done, along with at least two movie reviews. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. For now, I'm going to turn in for the night and get some much needed rest. G'night fellow b-movie fans!

Friday, March 23, 2007

No writing done due to Laundry Night.

When I got home (earlier than usual) from work last night, I ended up doing all of my laundry (which I have officially just finished folding and putting away) and while doing that, I watched an episode and a half of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I finally sat all the way through "Swamp Diamonds" (wow, it was actually a pretty fun episode, and to think that I fell asleep through it every other time I tried to watch it!) and then I start dozing off during "Monster A-Go-Go" ("The pilot must've been pear-shaped, very short, and standing up for the entire trip." HAHAHA!). Then, just as I was about to hit the hay and let the last load of clothes tumble in the dryer, I noticed that the blower fan on my propane heater had stopped working. After a good hour of tinkering and cleaning... the damn thing still didn't work. It wasn't too cold a night (Yay, Spring is here!) so I turned off the gas and the heater and got some sleep. Today, my dad and I took a gander at the darned thing, and wouldn't you know it, the fan started working again. I'm going to give the whole heater a thorough cleaning on Sunday, so hopefully that'll help keep the propane-fueled contraption in working order for a while longer.

Well as I said in the title of this post, I didn't accomplish any writing, but I should get some done tonight. At the very least, I did decide on what Kaiju I'm going to write about, namely several new kids on the block: The amphibious menace from "The Host" (Guess I'll just call it "Gwoemul" after the film's original title.), Thailand's "Garuda," and finally two of Japan's newest CGI beasties, namely Negadon (monster from Mars) and its robotic foe, Miroko. I'm planning on digging into that late tonight and I should also be getting my Amazon aStore updated and back up to par. I haven't touched it for a few weeks, so a good chunk of movie listings are out of date. My bad! :-D

Well I've gotta bring in some firewood for the 'rents and then get ready for work. Blog ya later!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Amateur writer and mechanic NOT crushed under vehicle....

Woohoo! I changed the oil in my truck! LOL! While many may scoff and push this off as a small achievement, this is a big deal to me. Living with my folks all these years, I knew how to change my own oil, but was never really allowed to do it on my own. (Embarrassing but true.) Either my mother would suddenly see me (now going on 24) as a young child again and force my dad to "git-r-done" (God I hate that catch phrase...) or my father would just step in and take over the project on his own. (What can I say, the guy loves working on machines.) This is one of those coming of age moments so I'm going to bask in the glow of it all day. Hahahahaha.

Well I'm off to work now (damn it, I wanted to be there earlier today because I came in late the last two nights!) but before I sign off for the afternoon, I would like to tell everyone reading this that I'm really cracking down on Spammers in the B-Movie Film Vault Forums. The general public can still visit and browse through all the posts in the Forums, but you must now become a member to actively post. Along with several other security features I've tinkered with, this should slow the number of spam attacks down by nearly a hundred percent. (As anyone who wishes to register must be cleared my yours truly first.)

Ok that's it, I gotta go! Blog ya later fellow writers, mechanics, and cult movie lovers! ;-D

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The writer's quest continues.

Though I haven't done much in the way of writing tonight/this morning, I can proudly say that I've gotten a bit of work done over at the Vault. (That should have been done nearly a month ago.) I've changed up the Movie of the Month ("Shaolin Soccer" - which will remain as the "movie of the month" until the start of May), added a new poll concerning DVD double-dip releases (don't you hate how movie companies keep re-releasing films on DVD?! I sure do!), updated my Articles Page and B-Movie Collection Page, added a news block on the the main frames and no frames pages concerning the new "Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness" comic book mini-series, and did a few minor tweaks here and there on a few parts of the site (that will more or less go unnoticed). Let's all hope that I can keep going strong and get the Vault back up and running 100%!

Anyway, this is all I have planned for Rogue Cinema and the Vault over the next two weeks:

For RC, I've already gotten one article done (see blog post below) but I'm also doing a new Genre Watch article for April and I'm working on a Kaiju article as well!!! Also expect reviews for "Collision" (2007), "Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant" (2007), and "Whispers from a Shallow Grave" (2007). If I have more time (and some extra energy) a few more reviews may be cranked out before the April issue goes online! (Note: I was planning on an interview as well with "My Big Fat Homeless Berkeley Movie" director, Johnny Allen Shaw, but it has yet to come to fruition. Perhaps it will appear in the May issue of RC? Once I know for sure, I'll let all of you know.)

For the Vault I plan on finally completing my reviews for "The Beast of Hollow Mountain" and "Valley of Gwangi." After that, I'm going to review "The Host" and focus a lot on rebuilding my review archive to it's former glory!

So stay tuned, wish me luck, and keep on visiting the Vault, My Forums, This Blog, and of course, Rogue Cinema! Blog ya later!

It feels good to be back....

Last night after work, I sat down, opened wordpad, and started typing. The result? A two page article entitled "Missing Mondo Movie Night" in which I pine over the long lost days of cult movie screenings that I had looked forward to so badly back in 2005. Though "MMN" is quite possibly forever dead, I still have photos, my Mondo Movie Night articles from Rogue Cinema, my Mondo Movie Night T-Shirt, and a heap of movie memorabilia to remember this fun event forever. Sigh...

Well, time to get my arse to work before I'm late! Catch ya later b-movie fans!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jordy's back in toooooownn!

Hey folks, just got home about 15 minutes ago, so I decided to post a quick blog entry before taking a nap and then going to work in a few hours. First, let me pontificate on a few things...

Love: It's amazing that after nearly seven years, my girlfriend Tara and I are still together and still in love, despite having a long distance relationship for the past five years or so. It's truly a great thing to love someone and have them love you back ten times over. I love you Tara!

Coincidence/Fate: Before leaving for Tara's yesterday, I read through Andrew "Badmovies.Org" Borntreger's latest review of "Leprechaun 3." Oddly enough, when I crept downstairs to check out Monsters HD, Leprechaun 3 was playing, precisely at the scene were a casino owner is killed by a big-titted robo-slut. Though I disliked the film after I rented it during its initial VHS release, I have to say that I really got a kick out of it last night.

Anyway, yesterday Tara and I went to see "Wild Hogs" (it was her choice after all) but I strangely enjoyed this completely predictable comedy. While critics bashed the film's skull in with a tire iron, I have to say that I had a good time watching it. (Nice touch having Peter Fonda show up at the end too. Yikes, that's TWO motorcycle-related films he's been in this year! The other is of course, "Ghost Rider.") Once we got back to her house, we watched "The Illusionist" before we decided to turn in for the night. "The Illusionist" is an excellent film and I highly recommend it. Though it is, at its core, a love story, the film is just plain wonderful, with an excellent cast, and one heck of a twist at the end. Now if I could only find the time to rent and watch "The Prestige...."

Today, before I returned home to my little basement sanctuary, I visited Wally-World (Wal-Mart to those of you that are scratching your heads) and spent a good chunk o' change that I literally, do not have. (C'mon check, don't go through until Thursday!) Now don't go thinking that I spent all of that on DVDs, because I didn't. In fact, I spent less than half of that on movies (and for the record, I bought: Rocky Balboa, Borat, Clue, The Explorers, and Night of the Comet). The rest was all stuff I needed, such as Oil, an oil filter, and Fuel Injector Cleaner for when I change my oil ... sometime this week. I also got some super expensive replacement razors for my Gillette Fusion razor (one of mankind's greatest inventions I must say!), deoderant, a new toothbrush, and a new pair of (twelve dollar) jeans for work.

If my check to Wally-World clears tomorrow, I'm sorta screwed, but in the past, any check I've written has usually gone through after two days. My hope is that the check clears Thursday, as my direct deposit will be in my account and I'll be on safe ground for another week. However, there's still a few bills to pay..... accursed BILLS!

Well I'm gonna go take that nap now, and hopefully, when I get home from work tonight, I'll be in a writing mood. (Instead of in a "Play Age of Empires II all night" mode.) Blog ya later!

Monday, March 19, 2007

This webmaster is currently unavailable......

Hey everyone, I'm heading down to Scranton for the night so I will be AWOL until tomorrow. I'm planning on catching a flick tonight (woman's choice tonight, not my own... yeah I know, bad idea, but who knows, maybe she'll want to see "300" or "Reno 911: Miami!") and just being lazy because it's back to the grindstone tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be as back-breakingly busy at work as last week just about did me in. Anyway, I'm gonna hop back in the saddle tomorrow night and start getting some writing done. I think I've had a long enough break from things, and my site has been suffering for it. Blog ya tomorrow b-movie fans!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mini-Review: "300" (2007)

Note: There are spoilers contained within this quickie review. Read at your own risk! ;-)

On Friday, March 9th, at midnight, and completely on the fly, I saw the big screen adaptation of Frank Miller's "300." For those of you that aren't big history buffs, Miller's graphic novel (inspired by 1962's "The 300 Spartans") is a retelling of the legendary "Battle of Thermopylae" in which 300 Spartan soldiers (along with nearly a thousand other Greek soldiers from various city-states that have largely been ignored during this small, but crucial battle in the Greco-Persian War) held off the advancement of Xerxes and his horde of Persian soldiers. (Historical accounts are sketchy and the number of Persian troops ranges from 130,000 to 3oo,000, though some have claimed that Xerxes army was a staggering 750,000 to a million strong!) The Spartans held out for several days in the slim mountain pass of Thermopylae (a.k.a. "The Hot Gates," named so for the nearby hot springs) and took the lives of 1o,000 - 15,000 enemy soldiers before being wiped out.

While the Persians may have given up, or continued the battle is unknown because a Greek shepard named Ephialtes sold out his fellow Greeks, allowing the Persians to find a hidden goat trail that led behind the Spartans. To conclude this little history lesson, the 300 Spartans died, but not in vain. Their heroic sacrifice helped rouse the rest of the Greek city-states and (most likely) viciously demoralized the invading Persians. The Greeks would then go on to win a major naval battle against the Persians in the "Battle of Salamis," and would finally crush the Persians in the famous "Battle of Plataea" in which 10,000 Spartan hoplites and roughly 30,000 fellow Greek hoplites (amidst an army of possibly 110,000 strong) routed the remaining Persian army, which permanently kept Persia out of the Greek lands.

Now moving onto the film based on these events, "300" kicks off with a quick overview of King Leonidus' (Gerard Butler) Spartan childhood. After being deemed a viable infant, Leonidus was groomed to become one of Sparta's elite warriors. After we get all of his backstory and see that Leonidus is a proud and loving father and husband, an emissary from Xerxes of Persia arrives in Sparta to lay down some demands by the approaching horde. Leonidus promptly kicks the messenger and his bodyguards into a deep well. A lot of political and spiritual jibba-jabba soon follows as Leonidus seeks information from the oracle (of Delphi?) and contends with the will of the Spartan political council. Getting nowhere, Leonidus chooses 300 of his best Spartan warriors as "bodyguards" and "takes a stroll North" toward Thermopylae. The rest, as they say, is history.

"300" looks beautiful and I personally found it hard to believe that the entire film was shot mostly in front of a green screen. CGI is advancing so much these days and it really shows in "300." The backgrounds, the sweeping views of the Greek countryside, and the massive Persian horde all come to vivid life via today's most advanced computerized special effects. Also impressive are the films battle scenes, which utilize a lot of slow-motion photography (something that apparently annoyed the small circle of "300" naysayers). Countless Persians are impaled by spears, slashed with swords, beheaded, and disemboweled, but the Spartans have a tougher time of it once Xerxes unleashes his Immortals upon the Greek defenders. My only complaint about the battles is that, since they are the highlight of the film and what most people came to see, they should have been longer, if not more plentiful.

But at the same time, I'm glad that the film jumps back and forth to events in Sparta where Leonidus' wife (played by Lena Heady), Queen Gorgo (no relation to the giant floppy-eared aquatic dinosaur who shares the same name ;-) is trying to get the Spartan council's butt in gear in order to send more troops to help her hubby. She eventually succeeds (a bit too late I may add) and ends up with probably one of the best scenes in the film ("This will not be pleasant, and it will not be over quickly!") Yes folks, there is a lot to love here in "300," from beautifully rendered landscapes, to breath-taking battle scenes (some of which feature various deformed human monstrosities as well as monstrous war elephants and rhinos) this movie has it all. The film even provides some intentional and unintentional laughs for viewers.

Here's a list of the films' more humorous moments that come to mind:
1. Queen Gorgo and Leondius' big love scene: This had the audience, made up mostly of men in the 18 - 35 age bracket, laughing out loud. Before Leonidus marches off to war he shares a tender moment with his wife... and then it turns into a hilariously shot and edited porno shoot! It must be seen to be believed!

2. Take no Prisoners!: After the first battle in the pass, Leonidus and his men kill any wounded Persians they find. As Leonidus snacks on an apple and chats with one of his men, you can hear gurgles/screams of death in the background as the first wave of Persian fodder is put out of its misery entirely. My buddy Chris and I had a good time pointing and making bets on which poor bastard was getting impaled in the background next. Hahaha! Good times!

3. Xerxes' first appearance: Oh... my.... god. It is important in any film to have a GOOD villain (and by good I mean someone that looks and acts the part) and "300" fails at having such a thing. When Xerxes first makes his appearance on the screen, the theater erupted in laughter. Half of the crowd saw him as a reject from Stargate SG-1, while the rest saw Xerxes as a prissy drag queen. Definitely not the best type of villain to throw at the manliest of men if I may say so.

Well I guess I'm done talking about the film. I personally enjoyed it though I was underwhelmed after my (thus far) first viewing. The movie has been so hyped that I guess I expected more out of it. (Mainly more battle scenes!) But that's merely a trifle, as I am more than happy to give this big screen epic FOUR out of FIVE 'RADS!' It's got some female nudity, muscled men in mortal combat, a handful of monstrous mongoloids, and one-liners galore. This is mainly a guy flick, so fellas, don't be surprised if your lady friends aren't too enthused with this flick. (Though surprisingly, I've heard quite a few members of the opposite sex say that they enjoyed this flick. Probably due to 300 muscular and nearly naked men, plus I'm sure they loved seeing a strong female character, namely Queen Gorgo.) This is yet another impressive film by director Zack "Dawn of the Dead remake" Snyder, and I can't wait to see what else this guy does next!

Where I've been.

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've done anything at the Vault or even made a blog entry. Well that's because I was working a nine-day-in-a-row-stint, and once I had some time off, I pretty much kept my distance from the computer. Instead, I curled up on my couch and watched a lot of movies ("The 300 Spartans," "The Last Samurai," "Gladiator," half of the extended cut of "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring," the director's cut of "Legend," and a handful of other non-3 hour long movies.). I rested, I relaxed, and I fought off a cold before it could gain a foothold. Now I'm back on my regular work schedule and feeling pretty good (though I'm a little tired, as I was up late last night), and it's time for me to get my butt in gear. Expect some updates to the Vault this week, with two new reviews popping up hopefully by next week (or sooner). Also expect to see a few mini-reviews here in my blog over the next week or so, starting with a quick look at Zack Snyder's box office smash, "300." Yes, it is as cool as you may have heard, but it is being overhyped quite a bit. However, ticket sales do not lie: this is a big movie and everyone is trying to see it. The closest theater to me is the Regal in Vestal, New York. Since Friday, all of the later showings of "300" have been sold out, and according to IMDB's top 10, "300" has pulled in over 40 million on its opening weekend! Not bad!

Well that's it for now, I have to get ready and go to work. Take care b-movie fans, and send up a few prayers for yours truly, so that perhaps I can get my reviewing groove back faster. Blog ya later! ;-)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Praise for my "Not Quite Right: The Movie" review! Phew!

I just received an e-mail from comedic indie film maker Lee Godden concerning my review for his film, "Not Quite Right: The Movie". Here's what Lee had to say about my review:

Your review of Not Quite Right: The Movie was professionally written, insightful, and, most of all, enjoyable to read. Thank you!

I’ve taken your comments about final cut length and feature-versus-deleted-scenes selection to heart.

Rest assured that I will drive as many people to the Rogue Cinema site as possible. (You and Duane deserve a wider audience for the excellent content you provide.)

Warmest regards,

p.s. Next time you have a hankering for some ice cream while watching a flick, consider Baskin-Robbins’ newest flavor: “Spiced Buffalo Chorizo.” ;-)

Lee Godden
Director/Producer, Not Quite Right: The Movie
Telsius Productions LLC, Los Angeles
Tel. (562) 986-5163, Fax (562) 986-5164
Toll-Free: (866) 936-9473

WOOHOO! It's always great to hear from someone after I review their film, and its even better when they enjoy and applaud my writing efforts! Ah, I can rest easy tonight knowing that I've done some good in this world. ;-)

Friday, March 2, 2007

"Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Spiderbait.

If anyone read my mini-review for Ghost Rider a few weeks back, you may recall my note about Spiderbait's awesome cover of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" which plays during Ghost Rider's race to his final conflict with Blackheart. Well for those of you that want to hear and download the song CLICK HERE! The download is free and the song is rockin', I assure you!

February stats at the Vault.

Things are continuing to look good for the Vault as my traffic is once again on the rise! In the month of February, I had 1,769 unique visitors who visited the 2,507 times, and the amount of hits for the month totalled up to 48,223!

People from over 100 different countries visited the Vault in February. The top five countries are: The United States, China, Australia, Canada, and "The European Union!"

The top five reviews in February were:
1. The Monster Squad (1987)
2. Arena (1989)
3. Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood Cove (2005)
4. Alien Predators (1987)
5. The Alligator People (1959)

The top five keyphrases that people used to find my site via search engines were:
1. arena 1989
2. arena peter manoogian
3. class of nuke em high torrent
4. movie arena 1989
5. monster squad

The top five keywords used to find my site via a search engine were:
1. movie
2. the
3. arena
4. torrent
5. of

Here are some of the weirder keyprhases used to find the Vault:
movie lunch wagon movie
dracula rips off frankensteins arms wolfman
in the nards helsing
if an alligator tries to say hello

The hits keep on coming and I can't thank anyone that visits the Vault enough. Just keep coming back and bear with me as I try and get out of my funk. Stay tuned for new stuff within the next week or two!

March issue of Rogue Cinema is online!

At 2 AM Eastern Standard Time on March 1st, the newest issue of Rogue Cinema went online and it's ..... well... one of our smaller efforts. Between busy lives, general fatigue, and a bit of writer's burnout, I think we managed to get a quality issue online! In any case, this issue contains one interview, seven feature articles, fourteen movie reviews, and one book review. Here are my contributions:

Rogue Cinema Genre Watch - March 2007

Review: Not Quite Right: The Movie (2007)

Also be sure to check out my buddy Duane's article in which he gives advice to indie film makers, and most definitely be sure to read Timmy Martinez' latest "IT Came from the 1950's" article in which he counts down the five coolest giant bugs from 50's sci-fi cinema! Tune in next month for a new issue that is guaranteed to be way bigger and better, and thank you for your continued support of Rogue Cinema!