Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Contest at the Vault - ENTER NOW!

Hey all! Bet you thought you'd never see anything new around The Vault eh? Well you're wrong... DEAD WRONG.... err... maybe just plain incorrect. In any case, Halloween is a week away (WOO!) and it is contest time here at the Vault! Two contests are running from RIGHT NOW until midnight on All Hallow's Eve, so you best get your entries in ASAP!

Send me a photo of yourself in your latest Halloween costume. Store bought or homemade, it doesn't matter! Just try and WOW me with your creativity, or the size of your bank account. Send a pic of yourself decked out in your Halloween garb to, or send the photo to me at the Vault's Facebook page (to do so, you have to LIKE the Vault on Facebook, which I totally suggest you do because I'm always posting mini-reviews, movie news, and contest links on a daily basis!). This is a totally open contest for all ages; if enough people get entries in I'll prob create a few categories for costumes (e.g. kids, adults, sexy costumes, etc.) because I have quite a few awesome DVDs and VHS tapes to give away!

The Vault Master as The Angel of Macho Man Randy Savage! OOOOHHH YEEEEAH!

There are a lot of folks out there that have turned pumpkin carving into an art form. Show me what you got this Halloween season and carve yourself an award winning pumpkin. Then take a picture of it and send it to me on Facebook (LIKE THE VAULT to do so) or e-mail it to me at! Please, enter your OWN work, and don't steal photos off the web and sent them in. For this reason, make sure YOU are in the pic with your (possibly) prize-winning jack-o-lantern!

Pumpkin carved by my best friend. Stupid face courtesy of yours truly.

So why should you dress up or carve a pumpkin this year? (Other than because it's friggin' Halloween time!) Because I am giving away some cool DVDs and VHS tapes. I'm still sorting this portion of the contest out (and probably will be up until Halloween night) but I can say without a doubt that two awesome SOMETHING WEIRD VHS COMPILATIONS are up for grabs, as well as SHRIEK SHOW'S TWO-DISC ZOMBI DVD RELEASE (with a cool ZOMBI mini-poster!). I have a few other discs lying around that I will also part with, and will announce them soon as well. 

So get going fellow Halloweeners because the clock... is.... TICKING!