Sunday, December 28, 2008


Finally! I have defeated the offending Virtumonde (a.k.a. Vundo) virus. All it took in the end was the removal of my old Java software, the installation of the latest Java software, and a thorough sweep of my hard drive with Spyware Doctor. Now that I can work without my computer lagging and without a dozen pop ups continuing to pop up every few seconds, I am ready to get back to work on the Vault!

But first... I am going to go see "The Spirit" with some of my friends. Though it has gotten panned by critics fairly extensively, I am still game to see this flick. I mean, c'mon, how bad can it be? It has to better than "Twilight" right? ..... it has to be.....

Anyway, Happy New Year b-movie fans! Stay tuned for some updates to the site!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas; sorry for lack of updates.

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS (only a few days late, but it's the thought that counts)!

Secondly, I have been battling a pesky virus (Virtumonde and some of its kin to be exact) since Monday and despite my best efforts, the bastard is still running rampant on my computer. Thankfully, due to the use of two anti-virus programs and multiple spyware and malware removers, I have got this b*tch on the ropes, but I still can't seem to fully wipe it out. It's like Darkman: You think you kill him, then he pops up somewhere else! ARGH!!!

This battle has been going on for days, and I'm running out of programs to utilize. Currently, this digital pest is only being annoying and throwing pop ups around on the screen, and hopefully, I'll have it copmletely vanquished soon, so that I can once again enjoy surfing the web and working on the Vault.

Wish me luck, pray for some new updates to the site, and have a wonderful New Year!

Friday, December 19, 2008

New "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" TV Spot. This movie is gonna ROCK!

I am a fan of the original 1981 "My Bloody Valentine" (read my review of it here) and I was stoked when I heard of the remake. I've been following the news on it and here's what I've been hearing: The movie is gory as hell, fun as hell, and really pushes its R-rating! On top of that, the original 1981 classic is coming out UNCUT on DVD courtesy of Lionsgate (here's a sincere "f*ck you" to Paramount for chopping up this oft-forgotten slasher classic nearly three decades ago), so I am totally freakin' excited for mid-January.

Then I saw the new TV Spot and I lost all control! Check it out for yourself and tell me that this movie does not look like its going to be a blast. I dare you!

"My Bloody Valentine 3-D" hits theaters on January 16th (mainly because the powerhouse that is "Friday the 13th" comes out next February and would most surely crush this fellow slasher remake); the Special Edition DVD of the original hits stores January 13th. I can't wait!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"The Bum" reviews "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

I'm really loving this stuff; I particularly enjoy how this guy slams the movie while seeming to be so enthusiastically smitten with it. It's pure gold. Oh and keep an eye out for a bunch of nods to "Bill and Ted."

I am closer to posting the December Genre Watch (which is really really late I know). Expect to see it at the Vault this weekend.

Oh and in case you weren't counting down the days: 7 shopping days left to Christmas Armageddon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chester A. Bum reviews "Twilight."

Hilarious stuff from

Visit the site and be sure to check out all the other stuff, especially the "Nostalgia Critic" (I remember it, so you don't have to.). Also swing by and check out all the cool videos there, in particular, the Angry Video Game Nerd series. Good stuff!

New Genre Watch coming soon!

Just wanted to pop in and announce that the December issue of Genre Watch is on its way. A little late I know, but that couldn't be helped; I've been preoccupied with decorating, buying gifts, and all the usual junk that occurs around this time of year (plus I just picked up "Fallout 3" the other day and have pumped a good seven or eight hours into it). But fear not, for I have plenty of new content in the works and will work hard to get it posted on the site before Christmas.

Look for the December issue of the BMFV Genre Watch later this week.

And just a reminder: There are only SEVEN shopping days left until Christmas. If you haven't started yet, you may want to. For your own safety, may I suggest shopping online? Avoid the lines, arguments, and fistfights by shopping at online merchants like AMAZON.COM (cough, cough)!

Good luck with your holiday preparations b-movie fans. I'll blog ya later!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New capsule review for "Twilight" (2008) is up at the Vault!

Yeah yeah, I saw this freakin' movie, so sue me. My girlfriend dragged me to the theater (quite literally) and I had very low expectations. That is probably why I didn't completely hate (or love) "Twilight." The film has a few glaring problems (as does the source material which claims that vampires are not destroyed by sunlight, but merely become glittery fairies when hit with direct UV rays), but overall it's watchable and not too awful. I'd say it's pretty much for teenage girls and fans of the books (who are primarily, GASP!, teenage girls). Check out my review HERE.

I have a lot more stuff in the works for the site and I plan on jamming this month with a lot of updates. I'm hoping to complete three more reviews, my December Genre Watch article, and an all new section for the Vault. Keep an eye out for all of that over the next few weeks.

Oh and there's less than three weeks left to get your Christmas shopping done, so get to it b-movie fans!

Monday, December 1, 2008

New stuff coming soon.

Just a quick update before my girlfriend kicks me off of her computer. I have watched and taken notes on "Godmonster of Indian Flats." All I have to say is Wow...... just.... wow. I've seen some bad movies, but few are as unique as this obscurity. And the extras on the disc are just as weird as the feature film and seem really out of place. I guess Something Weird Video really likes to live up to their name.

In any case, I'll be working on a review for "Godmonster" this week, along with a capsule review for "The Ghouligans! Super Show." I've also begun work on a new section to the Vault (the WANTED ON DVD page) and I'm also in the process of getting the December edition of Genre Watch ready to go.

Well I've gotta go b-movie fans. Have a good "Cyber Monday;" lord knows it is safer to shop online than at Wal-Mart. (Especially on Black Friday.... the darkest day of horror the world has ever known.)

Blog ya later!