Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fright-Rags gives us TWO limited edition shirt designs for this year's final Friday the 13th!

Fright-Rags keeps finding ways to drain my bank account and/or jack up my credit card bills. Though I've skipped out on several of their latest offerings (like their awesome ALIEN and DAWN OF THE DEAD limited editions), I find it impossible to miss out on the two designs that they are putting out this coming Friday. On FRIDAY THE 13TH, Fright-Rags is putting out two limited edition shirt designs based on "Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter." Check 'em out and start salivating folks!

Design by Justin Osbourn from SLASHER DESIGN.

Design by JEFF ZORNOW!

The artwork is just beautiful, and as soon as I saw these shirts I knew that I must make them MINE! (Same thing happened when Fright-Rags put out their GI JASON and Tommy Jarvis shirts! I'm a sucker for the Voorhees!) Both designs are available on t-shirts and hoodies, and come in all sizes. (S - 5XL for the dudes and S - 2XL for the dudettes.) T-shirts are going for $25.95; hoodies are going for $45.95. This is a pre-order item that is only available from Friday, July 13th @ midnight (EST), until Sunday, July 15th @ 11:59 PM. Once your order is placed, it'll take up to four weeks for your shirt to get to you.

What's that? Yeah these shirts are pricy and yeah FOUR WEEKS is a long time. But you know what? When they arrive on your doorstep, you'll realize that they were well worth it! Plus, once you own either shirt (or both), you can act smug because not everyone will have been lucky enough to grab these shirts before they were gone! (Truth!)

So start rolling change or sell something on eBay (or whip out a credit card and drive yourself further into debt.... LIKE ME!) because you NEED to buy these awesome shirts! And speaking of "Friday the 13th," I'm STILL giving away all twelve films on DVD (plus a Kane Hodder autograph)! Enter before Friday ends! Details HERE!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New capsule review for KLOWN KAMP MASSACRE!

I just uploaded a new capsule review to the Vault archives, for KLOWN KAMP MASSACRE! Described as "Friday the 13th" meets "Killer Klowns from Outer Space," this low-budget slasher/comedy received high marks from Vault contributor Kenny B. Check out the trailer for it below:

If Troma keeps doing what they are doing, this film could end up for free on Youtube in the near future! If that happens, then I'll definitely check this one out!

Well, that's it for tonight folks, but have no fear, for I have a few more of Kenny's reviews in reserve, plus I'll be taking part in an upcoming roundtable/blog-a-thon called SLATEROCALYPSE later this month. Also, I'll be recording a Youtube video soon, answering the handful of questions posed by some of the Vault's Facebook fans a few weeks back. So stick around, because there's a lot of new content coming your way!


Though I post about movies and such on this here blog about 99% of the time, today I'm doing something a bit different. I'm going to talk about two independently created video games for your PC that are free to play. (Yeah I know, I should be talking about these over at the Casual Gaming Blog, and I will, but these games are totally up your collective alleys! I just had to share!)

First up is TERRORDROME (visit the official site HERE), a supremely bad ass fighting game created with MUGEN. The creators have designed an impressive cast of fighters featuring a few familiar faces such as.... FREDDY KRUEGER, JASON VOORHEES, UNDEAD JASON VOORHEES (complete with broken chain around his neck), CHUCKY, GHOSTFACE, THE CANDYMAN, THE TALLMAN, ASHLEY J. WILLIAMS, LEATHERFACE, MICHAEL MYERS, and MATT CORDELL (aka THE MANIAC COP). Yes, you read that right folks, its a HORROR THEMED FIGHTING GAME and it is very well done! Despite the fact that Terrordrome's creators took the download link down on the site, due to pressure from several companies that didn't want their licensed characters to be included in the roster of a free, fan-made video game, you can still get your paws on this bad boy. ( ----> DOWNLOAD Version 2.7 NOW! ) Along with a lot of fixes, each character has their own "unleashed move" to deal out some real damage to their opponent. Check 'em all out in the following video.

The game still remains unfinished at the moment as its creators plan on adding Dr. Herbert West and Pinhead as playable characters. Plus there's still some music and sound f/x to add, along with a few new stages, and some more tweaks to the fight mechanics. I tried this out when it was in version 2.3, and I have to say that it has come a very long way. Though it can be glitchy at times, this is a really cool game that should have been snapped up for a legit release, not forced to become a "personal" (i.e. covert) fan project that certain studios don't want you to enjoy. (My sincerest "F*CK YOUS" to Warner Bros. and... Orion Entertainment? I thought they went bankrupt?!) Be sure to download and give it a shot, and share it with a friend.

Next up is a somewhat new MORPG that is rendered in awesome 8-bit graphics! Enter the world of... NESTALGIA! (Think of it as "Final Fantasy" meets" Dragon Warrior 3" meets "World of Warcraft.") Create a character, fully customize him/her, team up with others, go on quests, enter PvP matches, and more.... FOR FREE! The best part of this is that you get the entire game for free, not just MOST of it. (I'm looking at you "Age of Empires Online.") You can buy a subscription to get additional add-ons, but it isn't a necessity in the least, and probably goes towards the cost of keeping the game servers going. Check out the trailer for Nestalgia below, then give it a try, so you can have fun and wax ... nestalgic! (Zing!)

If you like what you see, or are just plain curious, visit the official site and download the game and try it out! It is currently a boring and rainy night here in my neck of the woods, so I know what I'm doing for the next few hours....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fright-Rags unveils Limited Edition SEND MORE MUPPETS shirt design!

You gotta hand it to the guys and gals over at FRIGHT-RAGS. Just when you think that they couldn't come up with any more awesome ideas... they toss us something super cool that we haven't seen before. Case in point, their new limited edition SEND MORE MUPPETS design, which blends the cuteness of the Muppets with the awesome zombieness of "Return of the Living Dead." It is only available for pre-order until midnight on July 9th and comes in all sizes in both t-shirts (guys and gals) and hoodies. T-shirts are running at $25.95, and hoodies are going for $49.95. Check out this kick ass design below, then CLICK HERE to make sure you get yourself one! And remember, you have just over four day to secure one for yourself.... or a friend.... or your lover.... or your brother.... or a friendly webmaster who has awesome contests on his site on a monthly basis...

Also, FRIGHT-RAGS has recently brought six more designs back from the dead for "An American Werewolf in London," "The Living Dead Strikes Back" (Star Wars/zombie movie mashup), "Dead Alive," "The Raft" (from "Creepshow 2!"), "Nightbreed," and "Ghostbusters" ("There is no Dana. Only Zuul!") These were chosen by fans who cast votes in the t-shirt Graveyard, and will only be available (for pre-order) until July 8th, for $21.95 apiece. But, if you pre-order now, you get 10% off, which knocks 'em down to $19.76! Check out the designs below, then CLICK HERE to get one (or all) of them!

All six designs available for pre-order until July 8th!

Monday, July 2, 2012

And the winner of the JOE ESTEVEZ GIVEAWAY is.....

B.C. Clemmons, come on down! Out of the fourteen folks who entered, your name was drawn, which means you now have some bragging rights AND a copy of "Joe Estevez: Wiping off the Sheen" which was signed by Joe himself! You also get two DVD-Rs of "Soultaker" and "MST3K: Soultaker!" ENJOY!

Don't feel bad if you missed out on all that cool stuff because I still have another big contest going on at the moment! Pitch me your dream "Friday the 13th" movie and really try hard to sell me on it. If I choose your idea, you will win ALL TWELVE "Friday the 13th" movies on DVD PLUS a cool "Friday the 13th Part VIII" mini-poster that is signed by Kane Hodder!

The contest has been going for just over a week now and ends on July 13th at midnight! I will then pick a winner and post a video showcasing the winning movie pitch! So hurry up and get your entries in, because this contest is ending in ten days!

For more details (and ideas) CLICK HERE! Good luck slasher fans!

Casting Call for TALES OF DRACULA!

Hear ye, hear ye! Audition for TALES OF DRACULA on July 21st!
My pal Joe DeMuro (co-producer and creature suit actor from The Demon Messenger) is currently putting together a really cool independent film called TALES OF DRACULA.

Mainly inspired by Universal's cadre of classic monsters, this hour-long homage will will feature Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, and a cameo appearance by a Wolfman! The script is ready to go, the sets are being built, and makeup f/x guru Ron Chamberlain (who studied under Dick Smith!) is on board to create the monsters.

All that's really left now is to pull together a cast! If you think you've got what it takes, there will be a casting call on Saturday, July 21st at the Comfort Inn, on Front Street in Binghamton, NY. Auditions begin at 8:30 AM and end at 1:00 PM! Along with eight extras, Joe is looking for six actors to make up the main cast of characters. Below is a list of roles that are currently up for grabs in this production:

Click to enlarge.

So be sure to mark July 21st on your calendars, and break a leg! (Not literally.) Once the cast is finalized "Tales of Dracula" will go into production soon after. Shooting is scheduled to begin in late August during weekends.

For more information about the film and/or the casting call, drop me a line at and I'll fill you in. If I am unable to answer your inquiries, I'll pass them on to Joe and he will touch base with you.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The production has added BRUCE GREIG to the team to do some matte paintings and backdrops for "Tales of Dracula." Bruce, a New Zealand native, does a lot of work for Hollywood productions, including: "King Kong," "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy," "10,000 B.C.," and most recently "The Hobbit!" How freakin' cool is that?!