Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New giveaway at the Vault, Hudson Horror Show update, and the Great Horror Movie Empire Fiasco of 2012.

Hey all, your friendly neighborhood movie riffer/scribe here to announce a new contest. How would YOU like to win a Fright-Rags' LIMITED EDITION "MY BLOODY VALENTINE" T-SHIRT (size: XL) and a copy of both MY BLOODY VALENTINE (the 1981 classic) and MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D (your choice of DVD or Blu-ray)?! Having second thoughts? Really? Then check out this shirt design:

You know you want it....

Now that I have your full attention, here's how to win this awesome prize pack. To enter, create a valentine and/or poem to your favorite Horror film slasher, be it Harry Warden, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Cropsy, etc. Entries can be done in a variety of ways. You can write a poem (which you can e-mail to me at vault_master@bmoviefilmvault.com), use your artistic skills and draw something up (e-mail it to me or post it on the Vault's Facebook page), create something with photoshop (again, e-mail it to me or Facebook it), or even shoot a video valentine and post it to Youtube. The sky is the limit here!

Get creative, start working your magic, and get your entries in by March 24th! The winner gets the prize pack mentioned above, but two runner ups will also walk away with a copy of My Bloody Valentine or My Bloody Valentine 3D (on DVD or Blu-ray).

Next up, here's a bit o' news about the upcoming (MAY 19TH!) HUDSON HORROR SHOW! The full roster has been announced (except for that pesky 5TH MYSTERY MOVIE!) and it is SOLID! If you attend (and you should) you will see 35MM screenings of FRIDAY THE 13TH (UNCUT!), DAY OF THE DEAD, PHANTASM, and the crazy awesome Hammer/Shaw Bros. co-production of LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES! Get your advance tickets now over at www.hudsonhorror.com (the last show sold out!) and save money for the vendors that will be there peddling their goods! It's a great show, with tons of giveaways, awesome trailer reels, and one of the best film festival line-ups I've ever seen, so don't miss out!

Finally, I'd just like to say a quick word to those of you who have recently (within the last two months) shopped at Horror Movie Empire. First off, I jumped right in and spent just under $200 on that site's (now literally too-good-to-be-true) Blue Underground and Code Red sales back in late December/early January, and have yet to A.) get any of the discs I ordered and B.) have a reply to any of the e-mails I've sent. As I understand it, the site is a one-man operation, and apparently this guy got WAY more orders than he had anticipated. Also, he probably did not expect the insane backlash that occurred weeks later when hundreds (thousands?) of angry customers started to blow up his Twitter feed and Facebook page. (The latter of which was taken down because things got reeeeal ugly on there.)

So as it stands, it has been two months since I have placed my orders and I'm still empty-handed, and I know there's quite a few of you out there who are too. Personally, I don't want a refund; I want the stuff I paid for because I most likely will never be able to find any of those discs that cheap anywhere else. And heck, even if I did want a refund, it'd probably be another few weeks before I saw the money. This is just a really shitty scenario all around.

With all that said, if you got burned by Horror Movie Empire in the last two months, don't feel left out. You are far from alone. But there is still hope for some of us....

Supposedly the Horror Movie Empire "staff" will be at the next Monster Mania convention in Cherry Hill (less than three weeks away! YAY!) so I am planning on paying them a personal visit. I am bringing my invoices with me in hopes of getting at some (but preferably all) of the stuff I've already paid for, or at the very least, get my cash back. And I figure if I have a few other people come with me to their table/booth, they'll be even more eager to help us out. (No, we're not going to perform a lynching, just you know... strength in numbers and all that.) So e-mail me (vault_master@bmoviefilmvault.com) if you're going to the convention, and we'll unite our powers for TRUTH, JUSTICE, and BLU-RAYS! (And DVDs too!)

However, if you cannot make it to the convention, feel free to e-mail me your Horror Movie Empire invoices (complete with added complaints, to vault_master@bmoviefilmvault.com) and I'll be sure to pass them along and maybe walk away with some of your stuff. (Which I will gladly ship to you, at no charge, because "The Vault Master" is awesome like that.) It's a shot in the dark, but this is the best plan I've got and totally hinges on whether or not they even show up at the con.

That's all I've got for you right now folks, but before I go, here's a quick recap: ENTER MY NEW CONTEST (be sure to like the Vault on Facebook too by the way, and share my FB page with your friends!), GO TO THE HUDSON HORROR SHOW ON MAY 19TH, and DO NOT SHOP AT HORROR MOVIE EMPIRE.COM UNTIL THE CURRENT SITUATION IS FULLY RESOLVED!

G'night all and stay tuned for new stuff!