Sunday, January 30, 2011


Before I go into detail here, let me just say that we here at The B-Movie Film Vault are on a separate crusade than our friends at Fright-Rags, but our goals are both very similar. We are trying to help friends and family whose lives have been forever altered by the ravages of cancer.
The battlecry that could save the world!
Currently the crew at FRIGHT-RAGS are having a charitable auction on E-BAY that is chock full of horror memorabilia, such as signed autographs, a latex mask (designed after the cake-craving zombie from "Creepshow"), a various art prints that kick all sorts of ass! There's two days left on this auction (which is currently up to $400.00! Awesome!) and all proceeds will be given to Leisha Davison-Yasol, a longtime Fright-Rags friend. She has been battling an aggressive form of breast cancer for some time now, and your generous bidding on this rather exciting collection of monstrous collectibles would definitely be a huge help to her and her family.

Now, if that's a bit too rich for your blood, but you're still hellbent on doing some good in this world, here's what we have going on at The B-Movie Film Vault. My cousin Ronald Cavalotti passed away earlier this week after losing his fight with cancer. (He won the first round years ago, but the Big-C came back with a vengeance late in 2010.) I never got to know Ron all that well, but now that he's gone, I really wish I did.

He was an insanely generous man to say the least, as he cosigned for my truck over five years ago, when I had next to no credit, and absolutely no one else to turn to. It was a big financial risk on his part, and because of him, I was able to replace my old junker with a decent vehicle. This isn't the only thing he's ever done to help me or my folks (or anyone else for that matter), but its the one thing I thank him for the most.

On the way back from the funeral yesterday, I shed some tears for this great man and his grieving wife and children. I also decided that I needed to do something to help out his family, if only to just pay back the kindness that Ron showed me when he was alive. Therefore I created a donation page HERE at the Vault, with all proceeds going to his family.

Donations will be accepted through PayPal from now until the end of March, and you don't have to get crazy here: A $1.00 donation is perfectly fine. Also, I will be donating any and all commission earnings from my online affiliates after the first quarter of this year (i.e. the end of March). So if you're not too keen on donating cash, you can at least help by shopping through the Vault at, Movies Unlimited, and Thanks in advance to and may God bless you for your generosity!

Rest in peace Ronnie... we'll all miss you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


On March 22nd, MIDNIGHT LEGACY will be releasing a long lost cult "classic" to DVD and Blu-ray, namely "Alien 2: Sulla Terra" (a.k.a. "Alien 2: On Earth"). This Italian sequel/rip-off of Ridley Scott's "Alien," has deadly alien organisms reaching our home planet and killing off some scientists in a cave. While it isn't exactly a good movie, I'm super stoked that this cult rarity is finally getting some TLC. Here is what Midnight Legacy promises us for this limited edition release:

  • Brand new 1.85:1 high definition transfer from the original 35mm negative featuring significant additional footage not seen anywhere in the world.

  • English language audio fully restored from the original audio masters, and respectful of the original sound design.

  • Special features include the only surviving trailer from the mega rare Dutch VHS, and effects outtakes transferred directly from the negative B-roll in full HD.

  • Limited Collector's Edition designed as a true collector's item. Both Blu-ray and DVD come in a Collector's slipcase! Limited to 30,000 copies worldwide!
The release date once again is March 22, and you can already pre-order "Alien 2: On Earth" on Amazon! Get the DVD HERE; get the Blu-ray HERE! Check out the (Dutch) trailer for "Alien 2: On Earth" below and rejoice!

A big thanks to the folks over at HIGH-DEF DIGEST for bringing us this great news!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hand Prosthetics in Film poster!

I discovered this amazing poster while surfing around today:

Did your favorite prosthetic hand make the cut?!
This limited edition poster comes in 11 x 17 inch prints and is selling for $25.00! If you have your heart set on getting one, you can pick it up at the Fro Design Co Blog right now! But hurry, because this poster design is limited to only FIFTY prints! Check out the rest of this artist's unique prints HERE. (Ooooohh.... that "Walking Dead" print is so cool!)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fright-Rags presents... The King Collection! + R.I.P - The Frames Version of the Vault.

Good morning world! I can't stay too long, got about four inches of snow to shovel off the driveway and front porch before I have to head out to work, so I'll jump right into things.

Firstly, I would like to announce (a few days late, my bad) that FRIGHT-RAGS has just released four new shirt designs based off of four classic Stephen King novels. This "KING COLLECTION" boasts awesome designs for "The Skeleton Crew," "Night Shift," "The Dark Half," and best of all, "Pet Sematary." Check out the designs, then order them, because to not order these would be uncivilized.




Each shirt is $21.95 and comes in all sizes, from Small to 5XL! Also, if you spend $60.00, the shipping is free, and if you're a first-time customer, you can get 10% your order when you sign up for the Fright-Rags Newsletter! I've dealt with this company for some time now and I guarantee you won't find anyone that is friendlier or more reliable! (A good chunk of my wardrobe is made up of Fright-Rags tees for a reason!) So head on over to their site now to get a better look at the King Collection, as well as the rest of their impressive catalog of awesome shirts, and start ordering!

That was the main announcement for today, but I have other news for all of you regarding the Vault. After thinking about it long and hard, last night I decided to remove the Frames Version of The B-Movie Film Vault. I did not come to this decision lightly as I always found it useful to have two versions of the site, but lately I've noticed that I was just making more work for myself and that no matter what I tried, I never could quite get the Frames version to look right on monitors with higher resolutions. So yesterday, I wiped it off the web (after four hours of scouring the site and removing navigational links on every webpage) and I haven't looked back since. For anyone that utilized the frames version of the site, I apologize, but fear not, for this is just the beginning of a newer and greater Vault!

Well I must go battle the elements and head off to work, so I bid you all adieu! Be sure to keep an eye on the Vault over the next few months because I've got a lot of cool stuff planned and stay tuned for a double dose of "The Green Hornet" next week!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First blog post of 2011 + Updates galore!

Greetings all and welcome (belatedly) to the Year 2011! After months of taking a break from doing work on the Vault, I am back with a vengeance! First off, here is what's new:

  • Though it never really took off, I've decided to continue to maintain the IT CAME FROM THE VAULT FORUM; I cleared out a bunch of old posts (and spam), and deleted (or combined) many of the boards and categories. Hopefully this makes the discussion boards a little more appealing, and maybe, just maybe they'll finally see some use. If you've been a frequent reader of the Vault and haven't joined the forums, please do so!

  • I've added a new appendage to the B-Movie Film Vault called THE CASUAL GAMING BLOG. Along with fellow b-movie scribe Derek Miller (from, we have been posting gaming news, reviews, and articles since early December. Head on over and check it out won't you?

  • The B-MOVIE FILM VAULT GENRE WATCH is back! CLICK HERE to read the latest blog post and keep up to date on all the cult-oriented films hitting store shelves, online retailers, and movie theaters! (Note: Nothing worthwhile in theaters this week; "Ernest Triple Feature," "Hey Vern, It's Ernest! - The Complete Series," and two new Roger Corman Cult Classics releases from Shout! Factory are the DVD highlights this week!)

  • Two new reviews are up on the site. First up is a guest review from Holly "Hobgoblin" Tingey for BURIAL GROUND: THE NIGHTS OF TERROR! The second review is from yours truly and revels in the absurdity of Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson's "bodily fluid-drenched indie masterpiece," THE TAINT.

  • I'd like to take a moment to welcome another site into the growing B-Movie Film Vault Empire, namely RADIATION-SCARRED REVIEWS. This site is the brainchild of Bill Adcock, and is chock full of extremely well-written reviews for cult films. I am proud to be hosting this quality website and hope to conquer more of the web with Bill's help as the years tick by. If you haven't visited yet, then head over now to increase your knowledge of b-cinema!
My only problem at the moment is wondering... what the heck do I do with this here blog? At this stage in the game, I don't really need it to help promote new updates or share news (the forums and the Vault's OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE have that pretty much taken care of), and I prefer to host future articles on my own site so.... what ever will I do with this little chunk of the internet that I have staked a claim on? I have thought about deleting this blog, but that seems like such a waste. I guess it'll just sit here and collect dust until I can find some use for it. (Any suggestions would be more than welcome.)

That's everything for now b-movie fans; here's to a prosperous and eventful 2011!