Wednesday, November 29, 2006

IT CAME FROM THE VAULT..... discussion forums!

Hey there folks! It's me again, up late, feeling lousy and still typing like crazy! I have two announcements to make regarding the Vault:

1. I started a discussion forum on the site! If you're interested, then click on this here link to the IT CAME FROM THE VAULT FORUMS! Sign up and start posting today!

2. There are now five more active reviews on in the Vault archives (woohoo! Only 115 more reviews to clean up and upload!) Here's what you CAN currently read:

Review: Arena (1989)
Review: The Dungeonmaster
Review: Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood Cove
Review: Infra-Man
Review: The Johnsons

That's all I got for you right now. Time for this workhorse to get some sleep. I'll need it because I have to finish up all my RC stuff tomorrow and ship it in. Looks like several indie film makers are gonna be disappointed again.... sorry guys! For an update on my Rogue Cinema material... just visit the blog either tomorrow or Thursday night!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More stuff for you to check out!

Hey all, I've been a busy bee again. I've gotten all the main pages uploaded and tweaked to my liking over at the B-Movie Film Vault. All I have to do now is put in the reviews, and I plan on slowly fixing them up and uploading them a few at a time. Tonight, I upgraded my old review for Alien Predators, which is currently the only active review on the site. LOL! So enjoy it! ;-)

In other Vault news, I've changed up things a bit over at the B-Movie Film Vault DVD Shop! This weeks new releases are ready to be browsed through, but don't forget to check out the Upcoming New Releases that come out next month. They can all be pre-ordered today and just in time for the holiday season! :-D

Well that's about it folks! I'm going to bed. I have some manual labor to do before I go to work tomorrow afternoon. :-P Thanks for visiting the Blog! I'll catch ya later!

Monday, November 27, 2006

More progress made on the new Vault!

I'm just about ready to retire my sore hands and fingers for the night, but I thought I'd drop any of you blog-readers an update on the new B-Movie Film Vault. I've gotten the entrance page, the frames and no-frames main pages, the coming attractions page, the b-movie reviews page, my articles page (and archives), and the Rogue Reviewer roundtables pages all uploaded and ready. I just have another 6 main pages to finish up, then it's on to the 121 reviews in my site's archives. (Blah.....) So if you run into any dead links, don't worry, they'll be fixed within the next two weeks. Since my site is sort of on hiatus due to the heavy construction, head on over to Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard to read Shadow's new review for Grizzly. (One of my favorite "Nature Strikes Back" films! Buy it in the "Nature Strikes Back" section of my Cult DVD Shop!)

That's it for now. I'll probably get some more work done on the Vault tomorrow night, but for the next two - three days I'll be focusing most of my energy on completing stuff for Rogue Cinema. In the meantime, hang tight and drop me a line at to let me know what you think of the Vault so far and just to give me a little encouragement. ;-)

Blog ya later b-movie fans!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Some progress has been made!

No new progress involving my Rogue Cinema material to report right now. (I'm sort of banking on Monday as the "get things done" day since it's my only day off next week.) However, I have made some progress with the Vault. Some of the main pages are up and running though there are still a ton of dead links and other problems but I should have it all worked out within a few weeks. I've been tweaking HTML all over the place, reorganizing files and folders, and causing all sorts of headaches for myself. My biggest obstacle will be putting the reviews back in. I'm toying with the idea of changing them all to the new style, but that could take forever and I would like to get the Vault 100% operational as soon as humanly possible. Keep your fingers crossed, toss up a few prayers to the guy upstairs, and wish for the best! To see what's done so far, feel free to visit the new Vault at! Thank you and goodnight!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving... the Aftermath.

Wowee! I didn't eat nearly as much as I had expected, but let me tell you, I am running on a full tank right now and fighting to stay awake for another hour or two to get some things done. Dinner was awesome tonight and we all had a good time at my girlfriend Tara's house. (Though her cousin Mikey was being quite annoying. After devouring my fair share of turkey, mashed potatoes, applesauce, brussel sprouts, and carrots, I was less than eager to do any rough-housing or any video game playing.) After food (and dessert) we watched "Eddie Murphie's Delirious," most of "Superman Returns" (<=== got it early at work... one of the few perks you get when working at a video store ;-), and lasty "The 40-Year Old Virgin."

So now, like I stated above, I'm fighting to keep awake and get a few important things done. I've just e-mailed some interview questions to indie film maker Kipp "Poe" Speicher, and I plan on at least finishing up the week's laundry and writing out checks for the last of this month's bills before I hit the hay. Then, over the next several days I've got a bunch of screeners to wade through plus my Genre Watch article to write! On top of that, I'll be slowly but surely moving all my files and folders into my new web domain this weekend. It's gonna be a lot of work (there's going to be a TON of links and HTML to change up) but it'll all be worth it in the end!

Well I hope ya'll had an awesome Thanksgiving and got to spend time with the folks you love the most. Now go on and sleep off that turkey! ;-)

R.I.P. - Cooper the Mouse

About a month (maybe even two months) ago, my cousin who lives an hour away in my hometown of Scranton, gave me her pet mouse because she didn't want it anymore. (Probably because of the ammonia-like smell of Coop's urine?) At first I wasn't keen on the idea of taking Cooper into my house, but the little rascal won me over quick enough and I began to get a little attached to the whipper-snapper. Sadly, my lil' mini-Cooper has passed on into the ethereal plains (or planes to some) mere hours ago.

I came back from work and checked on him, only to find him very sluggish and partially limp. I took him out of his cage and noticed he was ice cold, and proceeded to put him in the fold of my shirt to warm him up. He came around a bit and spazzed out a few times, but soon calmed and laid still, breathing in fits and starts. An hour later, poor little Coop was gone.

Losing a pet mouse isn't the most gut-wrenching thing in the world, but it was sad to see Coop go. I had many a fun time with the little guy, and my friends, and girlfriend Tara all took a shining to him. Cooper you will be missed my miniscule friend. God Speed!

Now.... I just gotta find a new critter for this here cage before Tara finds out and cries.... ;-)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

Its a bit early, but I thought I'd wish everyone a very happy Thanskgiving holiday! Enjoy the turkey, the mashed potatoes, the carrots, green beans, yams, sweet potato pies, pumpkin pies, and everything else we all look forward to devouring! I'll be back Friday (if I don't get killed by the legions of angry/desperate consumers that will be clogging the highways) or maybe even Thursday night depending on my mood and the amount of turkey I have consumed at my girlfriend's house. Take care and enjoy the holiday!

Oh and just because I'm so damned excited....
I should have the Vault updated and moved over to its new home by next Monday! So don't expect too many more updates over at the current Geocities-hosted B-Movie Film Vault this week. Catch ya'll later!


I've done it folks! After 6 freakin' years I've purchased a domain name! (By the way, I got it from the folks over at! Pretty cheap prices and they seem reliable according to a few sources I've spoken with.) In a few weeks, the Vault will be secure and snug at its new home at! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!

In other news, I'll be gearing up to do more work on my "Monster Squad" review for the Vault (it'll probably be the last update you'll see on my Geocities-hosted site) and I'll also be starting and/or completing my stuff for Rogue Cinema. I have ONE interview lined up now (with "Dreadful" director, Kipp Speicher), one or two articles brewing (including the December edition of "Rogue Cinema's GENRE WATCH), and I have roughly 8 or 9 screeners to review within a week! Phew, it's gonna be a marathon, but I should be able to reach the finish line by the 29th at the latest! (For Duane's sake, I MUST!)

Well adios folks! I'll be seeing ya around these parts again sometime soon! Keep your fingers crossed that the entire move for the Vault goes well and be sure to visit the site A LOT once it's fully operational! I'M SO EXCITED!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


A currently unnamed generous benefactor has offered to give the B-Movie Film Vault a new home for FREE! All I have to do is purchase a domain for the Vault (found a company that does it for a mere $7.95 a year!) and then it's time to pack up and leave Yahoo Geocities forever! (Good riddance I say!) So keep an eye on the Vault over the next month or so and prepare the for the biggest milestone in my little website's history! WOOOHOOO! As my buddy Borat would say: "I'M VERY EXCITE!!!"

Also, there's new sections in the B-Movie Film Vault DVD Shop for you to check out including a Peplum films section and an MGM Midnite Movies section! Very good stuff, very good prices, please buy something and secure the future of the B-Movie Film Vault today!!!! :-D

Oh and be sure to visit my good friend Shadow's cult movie site: Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard! And give his DVD Store a little lovin' while you're there too. ;-)

New products at the BMFV DVD SHOP!

I've just changed up the recent cult DVD releases and the upcoming releases in my Amazon hosted DVD Shop! There's a lot of cool stuff coming out over the next few weeks (lot of weird, obscure, and low budget stuff mostly, plus some more DVD double and triple dip titles for films like "Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe" and "The Punisher."), so start making up those Christmas wishlists! I also did a few minor updates over at the Vault and I'm gearing up to finish my review for "The Monster Squad." Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ti-ime, is not on my side, oh no indeed!

Yeesh! I'm trying to get stuff done and what happens? I end up with MORE hours at my part time job (from one night to two, making my work week a full seven days a week) and my girlfriend has come up for a few days to spend as much time with me as she can! So, I may have to cut my workload for Rogue Cinema again (which I hate to do because I've gotten some real gems in the mail) in order to not burn myself out. (But it's better to burn out than fade away as some would say.) Hopefully by some freakin' miracle, I'll have new content up at the Vault by Friday or Saturday, and I'll have a good chunk of my Rogue Cinema stuff finished. Well time for some sleep, the battle rages on tomorrow as I try and survive the daily rat-races. If you're the religious sort, send up a prayer or two for me... I'm gonna need it.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Visit my all new Cult DVD Shop!!!

After days of tweaking color schemes and adding (and alphabetizing) nearly a thousand DVD titles, my Cult DVD Shop is now open! You can view the store here:

While I'd be lying if I said that I made the store to help cult movie fans find some real oddities.... I'm doing this for money. Money for bills, money for Christmas, and money to finally get The B-Movie Film Vault an actual web domain. So please, shop around in the Vault's Cult Movie Shop and remember that every purchase you make is helping me out a lot! (And just to be clear, I do get commission for products sold in the store, but it's a very small amount [between 4 - 8%] and it doesn't cost YOU anything extra. The commission comes right out of's pocket, not yours!

Well that's it for now, blog ya again soon! ;-)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Rebirth of the B-Movie Film Vault Blog!

Hey all,
After seeing how nice Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard Blog came out, I decided to set my Yahoo blog on fire and piss on its ashes which I then put in an urn and set on the mantle of my fireplace. I didn't shed a single tear and quickly came to for solace. So far, I'm really enjoying this new blog and as Borat would say, it's "VERY NICE!"

Just a few minor updates involving the B-Movie Film Vault:
1. A new review is in the works for "The Monster Squad." Those of us that were born and/or grew up in the 80's should be familiar with this fun flick and I was lucky enough to find a bootleg DVD of it on E-Bay some months ago. The looks and sounds pretty good (its actually in widescreen!!!) and comes with a trailer.

2. I started this new blog. Enjoy!

3. To prepare for the juggernaut that is Christmas, I've started an aStore. Please view it here, glance around, and maybe even buy a few things. Any sales through the store snag me some comission which will go toward Christmas gifts, bills, and a real honest-to-goodness domain name for the Vault.

In other ME news, I've gotten a raise at work (GO ME!), have picked up a part time job (woohoo! I'm back at Video King baby!), and I'm working on a bunch of stuff for Rogue Cinema including two interviews, nearly a dozen reviews, and several articles.... actually I have yet to really work on any of these RC features, mainly because I needed to give the Vault a little extra loving.

Well that's it folks! Tune in often for new blog posts!