Friday, August 31, 2007

Separation Complete.

As some of you may recall, I attempted to drop out of the Rogue Reviewers a while back for various reasons. (The main one being that the fun had gone out the group.) Rather than harp on about this topic, I just want to announce that I have completed my ultimate goal of distancing myself from the group. I still link to the Rogues sites, peruse them, and talk to some of my fellow Rogue webmasters from time to time, but I am no longer one of them. I've taken down all the Rogue graphics from my site, removed myself entirely from the Rogues Review Directory, and have replaced the Rogue Roundtables portion of my site with an all new B-Movie Marathons section.

Now, before I get a few e-mails or messages asking if this is all the result of a grudge, or some disagreement, the answer is no. I no longer enjoyed writing for Rogue Cinema (which is all the Rogue Reviewers do these days) and decided that instead of being dead weight I would just go and focus on my other web projects that have suffered since Rogue Cinema's inception. So there are no hard feelings on this end; I truly wish those guys the best and hope that RC continues to gain popularity.

Now with that said, its late and I need sleep so I shall be going. But before I do, here's a quick newsbreak:

The Vault is fully prepped for a new update, I just need to get my reviews for "Island Claws" and "Space Amoeba" typed up. Expect those reviews sometime this holiday weekend.

And speaking of this holiday weekend, I now have FIVE days off in a row thanks to some very generous co-workers/managers. Thanks guys! I truly will enjoy my little vacation! (Movie theaters, here I come!!!)

That's it, so goodnight and keep rockin' the B-World guys and girls! :-D

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Vault is alive and well!

Hey all! I've been busting my hump this week to make the Vault a bit more lively. Along with updating the main Frames and No Frames pages earlier this week, I've also been doing a ton of work in the Forums. I've created and uploaded three dozen new avatars, started a few new sections, and I've been posting movie and DVD news like a madman. If you haven't swung by to at least read up on the latest cult movie news, then you are truly missing out! I've also done a few other minor tweaks on the site (has anyone noticed the little nuclear symbol by my site's url in the address bar yet?) and am finally prepping to get my late roundtable reviews completed. My goal is to have them uploaded sometime this weekend so that I can jump into "Beware! The Blob" for the next big roundtable event: The Blob Family Picnic!

I gotta run to work, so I'll catch ya'll later!

Monday, August 27, 2007

False Alarm! Phew!

Ok, it seems that I was mistaken. Neither Lucy (our beloved badger/mutt) or Sophie (our large, beautiful, and stupid Labrador Retriever) have been locked up in puppy prison. They are both currently on parole at two separate sides of our property and tied up for the time being until their official sentence is handed down. Methinks that they'll get off for good behavior and only have to serve a bit of community service time and take courses like "Chickens: Our Clucking Friends" and "Inter-species Relations: How to deal with something that isn't a dog." That has made my day a whole lot better. :-D

Catch ya'll later!

A Sad Day....

Well if any of you perused, yesterday's post, you'd recall that my mother was anxiously preparing to get rid of our dogs. While I thought she was just blowing off steam, apparently she actually put her money where her mouth is because the poor dogs are gone. (At least I think they are.... it is eerily quiet here now.....) :-(

I'll miss those two lunkheads, and I hope that they find good homes. Just a note for anyone in the Susquehanna/Montrose/Hallstead, PA area: If you go to an animal shelter and find a small dog that looks like the offspring of a cow and a badger and/or a big, goofy yellow lab.... take them home and give them a lot of lovin' please. :-(

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lots and lots of jibba jabba!

Ok, as you all may (or may not) know, I've been very busy lately, so a lot of random stories, movie and DVD news, and other fun stuff has built up. To get myself back on track, here is a brief overview of my last few weeks, starting with August 13th:

August 13th was a pre-birthday celebration for yours truly, and I and about 15 other people went up to EMR Paintball Park to shoot the hell out of each other. The day was a lot of fun and I took my fair share of welts, but the final round of paintball was a massacre. Essentially, it was everyone versus me, and I got shot well over thirty times within a five-minute window. To make matters worse, I got stun by a bee (found a nest of them while ducking for cover... just my luck) and then shot in the c*ck (accidentally of course) by one of my friends. Despite that final round, the day was a blast.

August 14th - I turn 24... then go to work!

August 21st - 25th : I get super-preoccupied with fixing a coworker's laptop. Over the course of five days I upgrade his operating system to Windows XP Professional, which I then had to crack because Microsoft is gay and only allows ONE copy of Windows XP, XP Pro, or Vista to be used on ONE particular computer. During the cracking of XP Pro, I ended up with some viruses on the comp, but I think I managed to wipe them all out.... I think.... But hey, for someone that has no formal training in computer software (and hardware) maintenance, I think I did a pretty damned good job.

August 21st - the Present : I'm currently on day 7 of a 10 day work stretch. The result of this marathon is a four day vaction on Labor Day Weekend! Hopefully I can find time to go see Rob Zombie's "Halloween," "Balls of Fury," "War," and/or "Death Sentence" during my time off. Those are the main flicks I want to see. (I would add "Superbad" to the list, but I took Tara to see it last Monday. Yes it is as funny as you heard it was, and no... it is definitely not for young children.)

So there's a recap of the eventful second half of August.... well not entirely. To cut another long and detailed story short, my mother purchased a rooster and a hen at a county fair the other night. She was in her glory (seeing as how she was born and raised on a farm) but joy turned to tragedy when her hen escaped and (allegedly) met a bloody end after meeting our two dogs. Now there's a bit of a war going on at home as my mother has decided to declare jihad on the dogs and take them to an animal shelter tomorrow... over a ten-dollar bird that can be easily replaced considering that there are numerous farms in our area. Hopefully she is just blowing off steam because I'd hate to see my two goofy dogs get the shaft over such a minor infraction. (Stay tuned for "Dog Watch 2007!" Lol!)

In DVD news, September is going to suck big time because there are so many awesome releases and so little cash for them. MGM is unloading a ton of Midnite Movies upon us (e.g. "The Food of the Gods," "The Beast Within/The Bat People," "Yongary: Monster of the Deep/Konga," and many more) , Fox is dropping several boxed sets (e.g. "The Fly Collection") of classic horror and sci-fi goodness on us, Lionsgate is delivering the goods ("Alligator" Special Ediiton and "Cujo" 25th Anniversary Edition), and Warner is even hopping into the fray with their "Twisted Terror Collection" which features six lesser horror films from the last 25 years or so (i.e. "The Hand," "Eyes of a Stranger," "Deadly Friend," "Dr. Giggles," "Someone is Watching Me," and "From Beyond the Grave.") And just in case you didn't know... these are all available for purchase at the B-Movie Film Vault DVD Shop (which now boasts an extensive MASTERS OF HORROR section)! ;-)

In site news, I've been tweaking a lot of stuff all over the place and am prepping to get some reviews done. The biggest changes to the site are the "perfection" of the Frames version of the site (which now looks great on 1068 x 720 resolution) as well as a lot of new stuff in the Forums. (I've added Blu-Ray and HD-DVD sections and have been posting up a storm in the DVD News & Info forum!

So now that you're all up to speed, I am going to go to bed. Keep a lookout for some new reviews, and heck, if you've got a free minute, REGISTER in the forums and do a bit of posting. Good night everyone; I'll blog ya later! ;-D

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just checking in to assure you that I'm alive and well.

Hey all, it's been quite a while since I've done a blog post or posted new stuff at the Vault. Well today you... sorta get both! To bring all of you up to speed, I turned 24 on Tuesday, August 14th (and my mother turned 59 on the same day!!!) and the previous day I went to EMR Paintball Park with a group of friends (more on that in my next blog post. Boy do I have a funny story to tell all of you!). Today is my normal Sunday off and I'm heading down to Scranton to spend the night with Tara and probably go see "Superbad!" ('McLovin... sounds like a sexy hamburger.')

Over at the Vault, I've changed things up on the main page (the top 5 reviews haven't changed all that much, though once again "Transformers: The Movie" has dethroned "The Monster Squad" as the most popular review on the site; the new Movie of the Month is 1979's "The Dark" which has a large, angry, alien zapping people with his laser-beam eyes and causing all sorts of trouble for a fortune teller, a grieving father, and the local police; I've changed up the links in the nav-box at the top of the main pages (No Frames and Frames) and included links to the DVD NEWS, B-MOVIE NEWS, and REGISTRATION pages of the B-Movie Film Vault Forums. Hopefully this will usher more people into the forums and get a few of them to sign up and start posting! The biggest change I've made today is the "optimization" of the Frames Version of the site. It doesn't look very good in 800 x 600, but looks damn near perfect for those of you that use 1024 x 768 resolution! If you notice any bugs or problems, please let me know!)

Well I best be movin' on before the woman calls and yells at me. ;-) I'll be hanging out with friends tomorrow and playing some video games (in high-def! BYAAAAAH!), then I'll be slaving for ten days straight at work. The result of this onslaught of grocery store hijinks will be a small vacation of FOUR DAYS IN ROW! WOOHOO! I can't wait! In my time off from work, I will be attempting to get my two very late roundtable reviews done and should have them all set to go for (at the latest), Labor Day Weekend! After that I'll be tackling "The Host" (yeah, how long have you guys been hearing that?!), and then I'll be making preparations for the next big roundtable, entitled "THE BLOB FAMILY PICNIC." Seeing as how I've been treating myself to fairly decent cult and b-films for the last couple of months, I decided to suffer a bit and chose "Beware! The Blob." This Made-for-TV stinker was filmed by Larry "J.R. from Dallas" Hagman and is just godawful if memory serves me correctly. I'll post more information about this roundtable effort soon, but like I said before, I best get movin'!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend fellow b-moviephiles, and keep fighting the good fight!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cool new feature at Badmovies.Org!

Andrew at Badmovies.Org is always helping the rest of us b-movie webmasters get a little more lovin' and his latest scheme is a wonderful one. Andrew has created a page that showcases the latest updates for various b-movie sites on the web! You can check out his new page HERE. This is very handy and an extremely generous gesture on Andrew's part and hopefully it won't interfere with his constant updating too much. (Thanks Andrew!)

In Vault news... I've updated my B-Movie Collection Page, the Links Page, and my Amazon DVD Shop. I'd probably have more done but between having an awesome new TV, tons of movies to watch, and a few new computer games to play, I've been enjoying my wonderful new electronic gadgetry instead of doing any writing. I make no apologies for this however because I've been having a very stressful couple of weeks.

Between the pressures and headaches of my current job and being slowly pushed deeper into debt (CURSE YOU AMAZON VISA CARD!), I've found it rather soothing to just shut off my brain and enjoy a movie or video game after a hard night's work. My only worry now is if I'll have enough money to gas up my vehicle for the remainder of the week, and if I'll have enough cash to pick up some snackage for my paintball tour of duty on Monday.....

Hopefully, as the weeks pass, I'll be able to pull myself out of my little rut (I seem to having a lot of them lately) and get the Vault updated. So please, bear with me... again... for the hundredth time or so... and I will get some new reviews and more uploaded to the site.

G'night b-movie fans!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Yeesh. I'm back on the scene after a harrowing week.....

Hey gang! I'm back online, back on duty! Last week, lightning struck near (or actually may have hit) our house and it killed my modem and TV. A week later, I have a new 27 inch Samsung HDTV with Upconvert DVD player (the audio and video are just plain gorgeous!) and my computer has gotten some major upgrades (I now have a GIG of RAM, a DVD player/burner, a new 256-MB graphics card, and a new modem!). All the bugs have been worked out of all my electronics so I now have time to get back to work at the Vault. I'm still finishing up my roundtable reviews from the B-Movie Beach Party, then I'm diving into "The Host" and will also be refurbishing several older reviews. In September, Andrew Borntreger (, myself, and a handful of other b-movie webmasters will be having another roundtable called "The Blob Family Picnic." Naturally we're all tackling the "Blob" films and movies starring similar creatures (e.g. "The Stuff," "Caltiki the Immortal Monster," etc.).

And finally, before I run off to work, I am turning 24 years old on August 14th! The day before, I and a group of my friends will be heading up to EMR Paintball Park in Montrose, PA for a day of (painful) fun. I can't wait!

Well I'll blog ya later b-movie fans! Stay tuned for some new stuff at the Vault, and in the meantime, keep fighting the good fight for your fellow b-movie fans!