Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First ever Guest Review at the Vault: Teeth (2007)

The B-Movie Film Vault proudly brings you the first every guest review the site has ever had! Guest writer "Holly Hobgoblin" tackled the dark and twisted horror-comedy, TEETH. This film follows the hardships of Dawn, a girl trying to maintain her virginity in this sex-crazed world we live in. Things take a turn for the super weird when poor Dawn discovers that she has razor-sharp teeth lurking in her lady-parts, but eventually she learns to live with that curious mutation and even use it to her advantage. (i.e. Her vaginal fangs destroy anything that goes into her "hoo hoo dilly" without consent.)

A review for Krull is forthcoming as is a new Genre Watch article and more fun stuff! Stay tuned b-movie fans!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Review: War of the Gargantuas (1966)

Here is my second contribution to Bearded-Weirdo's "GOIN' APE" Roundtable! Two giant monsters terrorize Japan in Toho's 1966 kaiju classic, War of the Gargantuas. After the events of Frankenstein vs. Baragon (a.k.a. Frankenstein Conquers the World), Japan suffers the wrath of a not-so-Jolly Green Giant in their territorial waters. After a number of boats are sunk, and people devoured, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces roll out and successfully cripple the marauding giant with MAZER CANNONS! But their victory is short-lived because another giant monster arrives to save its injured brother. Will Japan be able to endure the eventual wrestling match between these two gigantic siblings?

Stay tuned for the first ever GUEST REVIEW at the Vault from contributor "Holly Hobgoblin," and another new full-length review for the romantically sub-plotted "Krull," which will be my Valentine's Day gift to all of you constant readers!

Enjoy the weekend and don't miss the Superbowl on Sunday! My team didn't make it, but I plan on rooting for the Colts! Let's go OTHER Manning brother!